Video Stories with Clip&Go for Android by Movavi


October 17, 2016iPhoneNo comments

Having trouble with finding a proper app for video editing? Good news for Android users! Movavi now has a mobile app Clip&Go which is a that you can download for free from Google Play and use it to create a movie from all the videos you have stored on your device.

Now you won’t waste your time transferring data to your computer or converting videos. You will be able to make a video clip right on your tablet or phone. All you need is footage – let the app do the montage for you.

Clip&Go is an easy-to-use tool aimed at turning your videos into a wholesome movie with an appropriate soundtrack. It can be said with confidence that video editing on your phone has never been easier. Shoot videos and then turn the footage into movies: keep the memories of the most important events of your life – birthdays, weddings or just family reunions and time spent with friends.

How does it work?

In Clip&Go the process of video creating doesn’t take much time. Following these 4 easy steps you’ll get a great memorable clip:

Choose any videos from the gallery and add them to the timeline. Move the segments left and right to put them in the order you need.
Add an audio file – use your own or pick a sample from the collection. You can also keep the original sound of the video if you want.
Cut unnecessary pieces of the video and arrange the timeline.
Choose the aspect ratio (square, portrait, landscape) and save the result.

And don’t forget to share the video with your friends on social media!

Distinctive features:

Multiple videos adding
Add any number of videos simultaneously at the very beginning or add others to the timeline during the editing stage.
Intuitive tap controls
Arrange the order of the video segments within a couple of taps: move the markers left and right, drag videos up and down.
Adjustable aspect ratio
Establish necessary proportions of the video between its width and length.
Audio customization
Cut the soundtrack before uploading it to define the duration of your video stories.

You can create videos of any length – everything depends only on the amount of footage you have. Get rid of the unnecessary parts and combine the others. The result is automatically exported to the gallery of your mobile device: show it to everyone!

The app provides the users with basic but necessary tools for video editing and creating gorgeous mini-movies. However, the list can be expanded – there is always room for improvement. Let’s follow the updates and see what else Movavi has in store, because this video editor for android has definitely got a bright future ahead of it.