The DU Battery Saver Review


July 23, 2015Android Top 10No comments

It is surely annoying when you are not at home and your phone’s battery is running low where you cannot do anything about it. DU Battery Saver app comes to the rescue. It is the world’s #1 battery saving app for Android devices. With this app, you can get up to 50% battery boost.

DU Battery Saver:

DU Battery Saver protects your phone against poor charging, the apps that hog battery, and other device settings that can reduce the battery life. It works in the background as soon as you tap on the optimize button. Next time you have a low battery, there is no need to panic, just tap on the optimize widget and let this battery saver app do its work. You will magically get some battery which will be enough to let you use your smartphone for important calls. All the battery problems will be resolved when you will have the DU Battery Saver. It is available for free, so just download it and optimize your smartphone’s battery without doing anything technical.


  • With the Optimize button, you can save the power within seconds
  • With the smart pre-set battery power management options, you can create your own energy saving options.
  • You will have the Optimize widget on the home screen that will allow you to boost the battery life with just one tap.
  • The new thing about the app is that it comes with the Phone Cooling feature and widget. So, with just one touch, you can make your phone calm down.
  • With DU Battery Saver PRO, you can even make the app adjust to the settings of your smartphone to save power and energy.

You will always have the update about the remaining battery and when it’s running down, with just one touch, you can optimize it by 50%.

You can free download DU Battery Saver from Google Play Store here.