How to Install Tekken 3 for Android Devices


June 20, 2012Android24 Comments

Great news for all the lovers of Tekken 3 game, now you can play Tekken 3 on your Android device. Yes it is possible and it works great. The graphics of games are fully compatible with your Android devices and It gives you such a wonderful experience.

Today I will give you brief guide of how to install Tekken 3 on your Android devices. The whole process is simple and easy and it just takes few minutes. But you must need a rooted Android device. If don’t have rooted Android device then follow the instructions to root your devices first or if you already have rooted device then well and good it safes a lot of your time.

tekken 3

Before giving your step by step guide, first I will tell you how it works. As you know that Tekken 3 in not available on the Google Play. So you need to install FPse emulator which turns your Android device to PSX or Playstation 1. Once FPse emulator is installed on your Android device, then you need to create an ISO image of your favorite games, If you don’t know how to create ISO image, then don’t worry ISO image of Takken 3 is available in the below steps.

How to Install Tekken 3 on Android Device:

Step by Step Guide:

Follow the below step by step guide to know how to install Tekken 3 on your Android devices.

Step 1: First on all you need to install FPse emulator from here. (You need Astro file manager to install .apk file)

Step 2: Once done, you need to download Tekken 3 ISO image from here  ((Updated link here)) and move the ISO image to your SD Card.

Step 3: Now run FPse emulator, Go to your SD Card and find the Tekken 3 ISO image, that you move on your SD Card. Tap the Tekken 3 ISO image and that’s it.

Choose your favorite player and play Tekken 3 on your Android device.

Watch the video demo of Tekken 3 on  Android device:

If you face any issue while installing Tekken 3 games, feel free to ask comment below. I will help you.

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Enjoy! 🙂

Update: You can also download king of fighter on your Android phone from here.

24 Responses to “How to Install Tekken 3 for Android Devices”
  1. alixender

    HI…thanx for information
    But please tell me if i root my then then is my cell runs good?
    I mean to say is it harmful or not.
    Am waiting please reply me text…

  2. itsehsan

    @alixender the rooting doesn’t effect on the performance of device, it runs good after rooting. However, this process is little bit risky, if you do not follow proper guide lines. So, when make your mind for rooting follow proper guide lines.


  3. Bob

    Hi i have bought FPSE Emulator i have the BIOS file and i have downloaded the tekken3.iso but when I launch the FPSE i choose tekken3.iso file then only Sony Ent. Logo pops up and then I’m getting a black screen on me samsung galaxy nexus. Any ideas bro how to solve this ?

  4. itsehsan

    It seems to be that the image you have installed in not the right file try any other files. You download iso image file from the above mentioned link or you may google it.

  5. mujeeb

    i have some problems on my galaxy young. when the game starts, and i choose my player. then next screen pops up saying stage1 and does proceed furthur., also tel wether it needs chainfire being minimised?

  6. Erfan


    i can’t buy the FPSE emulator due to some sanctions against where i live. is there any other emulators that i could use ( prefeably one that doesnt require rooting)?

  7. brejesh

    i have samsung galaxy r. i want to know how can i download the iso file for tekken. and tekken supports on this mobile.

  8. Ehsan

    Follow the step 1 and download FPSe emulator app on your Samsung Galaxy r. Then follow step to download iSO image of Tekken 3.

  9. varun

    is there any solutions for mem cards becoz when i unlock any player and restart the game, the player seems to be nowhere

  10. Mohsin

    dude wud u plz email me whl procss in smpl lnguage wid dload link nd how to root micromax A 52 does root is required

  11. Ehsan

    Yes, you need to root your device to run Tekken 3 on your device. Follow this link to know how to root your device.


  12. rahul kashyap

    bro i have fpse in my htc chacha i did not bought this i downloaded it from a free site and also my mobile is not rooted because im in warrenty perioud so i can take risk.. and tekken3.iso and spiderman and all fpse games are working properly on my mobile.. bro is there tekken4 or 5 on android??

  13. mohsin

    pst sm more psx images

  14. mohsin

    heyy it is successfully runing in my micromax a52 even without rooting thanx dude upload some more psx game and how to run gta in my phone

  15. mohsin

    and dear plz email me safe rooting procedure wid all required file dload link for my micromax a 52 thnx agn

  16. ahmadhussain

    dear in my game there is no game music only sound is there and characters are also incomplete plz send me your game version in my id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my id is

  17. Jai

    Hi dear,
    I have Samsung galaxy ace 5830, I have fpse also but not able to mount image pls help.

  18. Ehsan

    First you need to download Tekken 3 iso Image, follow step 2. Once you successfully download Tekken 3 iso image file, move .iso file to your SD card and then follow step 3.

    I you still have any issue feel free to ask.


  19. Mohsin khan

    plz send the link tekken3 iso image file

  20. Mohsin khan

    i have download fpse file an download tekkwn3 21mb but wen i ply the fpse and set bios but tekken dose not show my sdcard say download iso file. so plz send the best tekken3 link on my email id plz plz plz …. hel me bhai

  21. Ehsan

    Hi @Mohsin, kindly check the link in step 2 it is updated. Thanks

  22. Mohsin khan

    ehsan bhai wen i have load the update file 57mb and open the game. game wes open but only sow. sony computer game and logo. but not play game and wen i preaa back batan show ios file cropted is not 2352bytes. plz help me

  23. Mohsin khan

    Asslamo alikum ehsan bhai. plz help me bro.. Thts file was crpted. Plz send the backup tekken3 iso file thats my fvrt game plz send new link. ya backup. My phone SAMSUNG GLAXY S. Plz bhai help me

  24. royder

    i cant play T3 i follow all the steps but wen i load bios file the iso file of t3 is not showing in my SD? only wen i load the game the iso file shows .. what should i do?

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