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This world is now like a race,everyone is so busy in their life and they don’t have time for anything. For the sake of saving time,people are now depending more on mobile computers for their tasks done in seconds.For these different tasks,different apps are available.This app is one of those which will save your time and let your task done in minutes.Resume Creator-Free CV Builder app is a fantastic app,which will remove your all worries.Now you don’t have to be depressed for the making of your resume.This app provides your resume in a few minutes.You can enter data into specific fields where you want to apply and by utilizing this app you can send your resume in any company or organization,anywhere you want to send.The format of the resume would be in text or pdf file.


  • Easy and has the ability that anyone can understand it.Now you don’t have to get yourself confuse with other resume making apps.
  • This is the most quickest mean through which you can make your resume.
  • This is for both iPod and iPhone.
  • You can email your resume in a text or pdf file.
  • Fast and convenient preview options are also available inside the app.
  • You can tilt to change your mode.It works for both Portrait and Landscape.
  • Your information can never be revealed.So you don’t have to worry at all,we don’t save or access your data.


You have to add following data.These are all the information that is required by every job.

Contact Information
Cover Letter
Professional Goals

Work Experience

To add new sections you have to press the button “+” in the fields that contain the symbol.

Do you have any problem with this app?Then email us if it runs any issue.

You can download Resume Creator App from App Store.