New Era of Cheating Spy Earpiece


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From time to time even the most ideal student feels like using a cheat sheet. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, nobody is able to learn the whole material (I sometimes wonder who develops such educational programs). Secondly, not all people have an uncanny memory that allows remembering a great amount of information without problems. Thirdly, students like getting fun and don’t think about exams until the examination session comes.

And the temptation to use a cheat sheet is great. Our century has seen the evolution of the cheat sheet – from a piece of paper with some illegible handwritten text to some innovative hi-tech devices.

History of the Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet wasn’t invented by a student. It may sound strange but it was Carl the Great, at least, he is considered to be the father of the cheat sheet. Despite being Great, he was extremely lazy and didn’t like learning facts and figures, so he decided to write down some important information to use it if necessary.

With the appearance of universities, smart but lazy students immediately realized the real value of cheat sheets and started using them at exams. With the course of time the cheat sheet has been changing, improving and adjusting to the needs of students who used to be caught by watchful teachers.

Types of Cheat Sheets

  • Paper cheat sheets– wherestudentswritedownthenecessaryinformation (answers to questions, difficult formulas, dates, names);
  • Electronic cheat sheets –various modern devices that have recently turned up (data is uploaded to the mobile phone or digital camera). Sometimes students manage to upload the whole book but there is one big problem – it is rather difficult to hide such devices and watchful tutors know about such tricks.

New Type of Cheat Sheets: Spy Earpiece

Nowadays students have a completely new type of cheat sheets, a wireless spy earpiece. The practice has shown that only this super device can ensure your success at the exam since it is 100% invisible (it’s very difficult to notice a small thing of the color of your skin placed deep into your ear).

Spy earpiece uses the technology of two-way communication, which is the second important advantage of this device. For example, you take an exam ticket, read the question and your assistant, who is far away, hears you perfectly, finds the answer and then dictates it to you. Via spy earpiece, your friend can read the answer even when you are already sitting in front of the teacher.


Some people may say that such wireless devices can be easily dampened and sometimes teachers do it using modern digital equipment. But time is going fast and the new spy ear piece is not afraid of any artificial spurious signals. Spy earpiece can be ordered at GSM-Earpiece.

Modern spy earpieces are the best way of passing entrance exams. Of course, getting knowledge is necessary but, as life shows, real knowledge is obtained not at university but in practice.

By the way, spy earpiece can be used not only by students but also by businessmen, politicians, lawyers, security guards, etc. One can speak a lot about the advantages of this device at negotiations, public speeches, meetings, conferences and other important events. The possibilities and range of application are unlimited and haven’t been evaluated at full yet.