How to Install Mobile Phone Signal Booster


September 24, 2014Windows AppNo comments

You’re right in the middle of an important call, when suddenly your cell phone cuts out and you lose the person on the other end. We’ve all experienced it at some time or another, and it can be incredibly frustrating. However, there is a solution: a mobile phone signal booster. Installing one of these devices in your home can be relatively simple and usually come with a manual to guide you in the process. Full installation kits from MyAmplifiers online store can have you up and running again in less than an hour.

Important Information:
It’s important to note that the farther the distance between your home and your nearest cell tower plays a part in how strong your signal will naturally be. Any buildings, trees, walls, or other obstructions will interfere with your signal, causing it to be weak. Using a mobile phone signal booster has no effect on the cost of your cell phone plan, so you can get better service without paying more.
Installation Made Easy:
Before you begin, lay out all of the equipment. Most booster kits come with an amplifier, a power supply, and indoor and outdoor antennae. Depending on what type of service you are trying to boost, (voice calls or mobile data) you’ll want to determine which area outside your house has the best signal, in order to place the outdoor antenna.
The type of outdoor antenna that you have will determine how you install it. Omni is easiest to install and is directional, while yagi needs to be directed towards the nearest tower.
Once the antenna is installed outside, you need to find a location indoors that is at least five meters away from the location of the outdoor antenna. It’s also recommended that the indoor antenna be at least two meters off the ground to ensure the best functionality.
The rest is simple. You plug both antennas into the mobile booster, following the provided instructions as to which cable goes into which jack. It’s important to keep the cables as short as possible, as this lessens the traveling space and boosts reception more efficiently.
Finally, you plug in the repeater’s power supply and check to make sure it is on. Installation is complete and you should now be experience better than ever performance on your phone.
You can install more than one booster, but the process can become challenging. You will require a power splitter up to four ways, and you will have to find multiple locations that don’t cause interference with each other.
Also, don’t split the cable without using a power splitter. Doing so can cause the booster to fail in performance.
For the most effective boosting capability, try to minimize interference by keeping the two antennas far enough apart.
Make sure you are using the right booster for the signal you want to amplify. can help you determine which is right for you.