Enhance your Home Security with a wonderful app


August 8, 2015Android Top 10No comments

Security of the house is important to everyone no doubt. Now with the help of a wonderful app called AtHome Camera you can enhance your house security in an easy manner. It is an app that turns on your unused computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV in to a system that is video monitoring within a matter of few minutes.

Using this app, you will be capable of keeping an eye on your home even when you are outside. In case of any unusual incident, you will get the regular alerts. This app has been installed on more than almost 4 million devices around the world. It is used as pet camera, baby monitor and nanny camera.

Main features of the app:

  • This app enables the live streaming with the help of 3G.4G or WiFi network; any time and from anywhere.
  • As soon as the motion is triggered, you will get the notifications via e-mails.
  • It will be up to your discretion if you want the video recording to be started automatically.
  • With the help of built in mic and speaker you can communicate with the people at home when you are out.
  • To capture the entire room, you can make use of the remote to move the camera right, left, up and down.
  • It supports various platforms like Windows OC, iPhone, Android phones, etc.

You can free download Home security app from play store here