DU Speed Booster Review

DU Speed Booster is the Android optimizer and cleaner master that can clean your smartphone and make it safe, clean and effective. It comes with a built-in antivirus security feature as well. It works by boosting up the speed of the phone up to 60%. All the junk files are cleaned and the storage on the SD card is optimized too. It is a whole smartphone optimization package that includes the feature of storage analyser, speed and RAM booster, task cleaner, protection master and antivirus.

Often because of the junk files and processing, the speed of the smartphone tends to get low. Furthermore, the viruses in the phone can damage the files and data stored. In that case, all you need is the DU Speed Booster that can boost the speed and efficiency of your smartphone. It works like a charm, you will see the difference in the performance of your smartphone as soon as you start using this app. It works in the background and keeps on doing its work to boost the speed of your smartphone without interrupting anything.

Here are the highlights of the DU Speed Booster:

  • With the widget, you simply have to touch and your phone’s system is boosted
  • It fully cleans up and scans all the cache files from your phone.
  • With the smart cleaner and its pre-set automatic setting, all the unwanted processes are cleaned from the phone
  • The speed of your Android phone is boosted by 60%
  • Your smartphone will be secured and protected from all types of viruses with the security optimizer and master option.

It comes with the Accelerate feature and widget that will further boost the performance and speed of your smartphone. It is available for FREE but it works better than any other optimizer that you have ever used.

You can free download DU Speed Booster from Google Play Store here.