DesignEvo Logo Maker Review: Create Logos Online Easily


May 29, 2018Windows AppNo comments

DesignEvo logo makeris one of the graphic design tools of PearlMountain. It is an online logo maker but also available for iOS & Android devices, which means to make it more convenient for people who need to make logos at any time.

DesignEvo logo maker is born to help a large number of small businesses, start-ups, bloggers, and so on. It offers resourceful features, including more than 4,000 well-designed logo templates, millions of icons, various shapes, stylish fonts and powerful editing tools. All of the features are free to use without any professional design knowledge. Besides, there are no download or registration requirement. If you get in trouble with insufficient budget and can’t afford to hire a professional designer, to work with DesignEvo could be your best plan B.


To be honest, it is not that difficult to create a logo with DesignEvo logo maker. Let me show you how to do it.


First, choose a proper template or icon.

DesignEvo logo maker provides 4,000+ delicate templates for you. There are different themes and different styles, including food & drink logos, abstract logos, letter logos, non-profit logos, sports & fitness logos, etc. No matter what you need, you can find a suitable one there.

Apart from these brilliant logo templates, DesignEvo logo maker has also prepared a rich resource library with millions of icons for you. Like the templates, the icons cover a variety of themes and styles but with so many more quantities.

Please feel free to select a preferred one to inspire you.


Second, decorate the logo with shapes and fonts.

DesignEvo logo maker offers you hundreds of fonts and shapes to decorate your logo designs. As all of the logo templates are fully customizable, you can adjust or change every element of them with the qualified shapes. There are badges, decorations, lines, banners, and so on.

Add some necessary elements to your logo designs, and then select a suitable font to create an attractive name or slogan of your brand.


Finally, editing the logo with the powerful editing tools.

DesignEvo logo maker develops some useful editing feature to allow you to rotate, click and drag, change the background, color, effect, layout and so much more. Adjust and perfect the details of the logo and make it a qualified one.

After finishing the logo, click the “preview” button to check the logo on several occasions like the logo on a book cover, on a business card, on a wall and so on. When you have finished everything, you can download the logo. There are three options for you, FREE package, BASIC package, and PLUS package. The latter two are paid choices but with much more advantages.



DesignEvo logo makeris a handy and useful tool for people who need logos. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the design because DesignEvo allows even a newbie to create logos with a professional appearance in minutes.

Do not miss it!