Data Loss – Important Tips To Avoid Data Loss


November 30, 2016AndroidNo comments

Normally people save all of their work in their computer hard drive and so when there is data loss it affects most of their work. People spend their precious time in preparing something important and when it gets lost, then people just lose the thrill to work on it again. Some people even get stressed when data get lost and they have to meet upcoming deadlines.


Some of the ways to prevent data loss are listed below:

  • Backing up of files

After you have jotted down something essential, it is prerequisite that you back up the files so that they don’t get lost from your hardware. There might be hard drive breaks or it might not work properly sometimes, in that case back up of files prove to be most helpful.

  • Documents should not be stored on the same drive as of the operating system

When a virus attacks your system, you have to reinstall the operating system of your computer. When you store your files on the same drive as OS, all the files from that drive get deleted when you install the new OS. It becomes very difficult to restore the files in such cases. It is, therefore, better to save important files on different drives.

  • Keeping hard copies of the work done

After you have completed a certain work, you can save it in your storage drives so that even if the hardware gets affected, your files will be safe.

  • Don’t trust the email attachments

Many emails contain the virus attachments which might affect the hardware system. They might overwrite your file and you might end of losing something important. It is advised not to open any email attachment from unknown suspicious email id.

What to do if data get lost?

The best way to retrieve data loss is to recover it with the help of data recovery software. This software can recover any type of file from any folder, it can even recover deleted files.

Some uses of data recovery system are listed as under:

  • Inaccessible or any kind of corrupted files can be restored with the help of data recovery software and you can get your files back safely. They have very user-friendly interface so everyone can follow the instructions and recover their files.
  • The free data recovery software takes very less time to function and within minutes you will get your files back. It is less costly than hiring a professional to recover your data.

Download the data recovery software free version online. You can install these and restore deleted or lost data. Although there might be some limitation with free version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best software that helps to recover the lost data with complete efficiency. All kinds of files can be restored with the help of this software, and It has a very user-friendly interface.

EaseUS comes with both free and premium version. With premium version, you can retrieve unlimited amount of data and also get 24×7 instant customer support.