Animelee iPhone Game Review

If you really want something more from a fighting action game, then you should try to get a bit wild. In Animelee game, you will definitely have the right to put up with arms. So if you really want to play a fast game then you should try amimelee once. Do you really want to play a game full of spontaneous effect and skills instead of only a button mashing game mode then animelee is best choice for you. Battles could be more blistering brawl between various high speed animals, it is actual a tense game consist of a strategy between sluggish, serious hitters that could end the competition in just seconds. So you should try this game to analyze if you really handle the passionate action and eternal combos of Animelee.


  1. Recently this game has been updated and thirteen more characters are added which includes the new Shark.
  2. Usually new characters are added on regularly bases according to your votes.
  3. This game is basically a built-in voting game which allows you to decide the new content.
  4. In this game you have the option to collect and wear an extensive variety of hats which in return power up your fighters.
  5. You have to take part in battle all across twelve stages of the game all around the world.
  6. In this game you could experience a classic saga of quest and mystery.
  7. In this game you can battle with your friends and opponents with the option of Player-to-Player fights over your Wi-Fi and also on mobile data.
  8. While playing this game you could also build up your energy level and unleash incredible special attacks.
  9. You could also max out your entire energy gauge for transforming into various legendary forms and for gaining several new powers.
  10. There are potentially endless combos present in this game.

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You can free download Animelee from Apple App Store here.