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“Zumba Dance” is best fitness app on the Google Play Store that provides you with full fitness plan. By using Zumba Dance you just dance, have fun and lose our weight. This app guides you how to dance in the slow pace step by step. Zumba Dance is portable app and you can use this app whenever and wherever on your tablet. So now you can have fun everywhere. Zumba Dance is the first app that provides you with full routines and feedbacks. Now you are able to easily loose your weight with contagious dance routines through Zumba’s Signature exercise in disguise programs on the move or at your home. Just follow simple guidelines of the Zumba instructors Beto Perez, Gina Grant, and Kass Martin. They will guide and help you about each and every step. Just follow their steps have fun and loose your weight. You can dance on your favourite music after selecting it from the list. There are more than the 40 Tracks. Shake it up with charts topping hits, from the LMFAO, Pitbull, Tiesto, Kat Deluna, and Sean Paul in an addition to  the contagious Zumba original tracks. You can party with Zumba Fitness anywhere by using innovative motion tracking technology.

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Unique Features of Zumba Dance Best Fitness App :

By using this fitness app just rock out over the more than 40 tracks and have fun. You can also move to the Global Dance Styles like HIP HOP, SALSA, CUMBIA, Bollywood and many more. Zumba Dance customizes your sessions and goals to work out on your schedule. You have an option to set your own frequency. You can set according to what you want like you can set it daily, weekly or monthly. Zumba Dance app tracks your progress and provides you with statistics to keep you motivated. Zumba Dance tracks your number of calories burned goals met and the technique improvements as you play. The initial purchase of Zumba Dance includes 20 minutes workout but you also have an option to can maximize your workouts. Zumba Dance lets you party yourself, have fun and shape your body anytime, anywhere. There is motion tracking technology in Zumba Dance app that analyzes the player movements. The best part of the Zumba Dance is that it helps you in stay motivated by tracking your progress and the number of calories you have burnt and provide you with feedback that helps you to fulfill your fitness goals.


Watch Zumba Dance Best Fitness App in Action:

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