ZoomIt Fun Photo Based Guessing Game for iPhone and iPad


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ZoomIt is amazing and challenging game developed by Rudolf jurgens. ZoomIt is basically guess game in which you have to guess the pictures. This game app is very different from other guessing games.I am sure you haven’t seen this type of guess game ever. In  ZoomIt you have to  upload any picture and zoom any area of that picture and then share it with your friends to guess the zoomed picture.

3 Steps to Play Zoomit:

  • Snap any Picture
  • Zoom in the picture on any area.
  • If your competitor is going to guess wrong the picture automatically comes back to the original size step by step even if they are not going to guess right you win.

Fun and addictive guess game:

ZoomIt is so much fun to play. You can enjoy this game every time you are going to play it. This game is so addictive once you start playing  you don’t  have an idea of how your time is spent. ZoomIt is providing you the opportunity to have fun with your friends and family. You can enjoy this game any time anywhere. No matter you are in your office or on your way back to home or anywhere.

Challenge Your Friends:

You can challenge your friends to guess the pictures you have zoomed. Upload any picture to ZoomIt , snap the picture of your pet and upload it on ZoomIt or choose the  picture from your mobile  and  zoom any specific part of the picture and then upload and share with your friends and ask them to guess the picture, if they are going to answer wrong the picture automatically comes back to its original  size and you are going to earn the score.

Save and Re-use Photos :

You can play multiple picture games at one time. You can challenge your friends of Facebook and twitter to guess the picture. If you have challenged someone and he is not able to guess that you can share that picture with other friends to challenge. You can also save the picture you have once Zoom in for your friends to guess. The amazing part of the app is that you can also chat with your friends to whom you have challenged to guess the picture.

ZoomIt is available for free download at App Store. Download it now and have fun with your friends . For the latest updates and information visit to ZoomIt . Give us your feedback at Facebook , share your pictures with us you think no one  can guess.


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