WorldCard Mobile Business Card Reader and Scanner App

by Ehsan on November 29, 2011


The WorldCard Mobile is an app that is specially designed to help people store their business contacts in the iPhone.

Keeping business contacts as cards in your wallets is pretty old fashioned. Therefore, say goodbye to that trend. With the help of WorldCard Mobile app, you can keep your business contacts in your iPhone and retrieve them easily whenever you need. The WorldCard Mobile was developed by Penpower Inc. Technology.

Why WorldCard Mobile?

It is tough for business people to maintain all their contacts.  WorldCard Mobile app provides a smart solution to this problem. With the help of this app, it has become easier to store and manage business contact details. This makes the WorldCard Mobile app a vital app for iPhones.

How WorldCard Mobile works?

To add business contacts to your iPhone, simply take a snap of the business card with the help of the iPhone camera. The WorldCard Mobile automatically fetches out the data from the business cards and stores in your contacts. This app also allows users to edit the data manually.

The WorldCard Mobile uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize the data from business cards.

Advantages of WorldCard Mobile:

The following are some of the advantages of the WorldCard Mobile app.

  1. The WorldCard Mobile offers high-speed scanning and updating.
  2. With Card Holder, you can easily create groups of contacts for easy navigation and organization (school, work, etc)
  3. It helps you capture E-mail signature.
  4. WorldCard Mobile provides automatic camera shake reduction to help get data accurately.
  5. It supports recognition of 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
  6. It supports camera flash (iPhone 4).

You may checkout the video demo of WorldCard app:

WorldCard Mobile has a lot of features. This app is best suited for business people and it can be recommended for all.

WorldCard Mobile is available in the App Store for just $ 5.99. You can also download WorldCard Mobile here.


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