World Conflict Best Android App to Prove Your Leadership Skills


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Do You want to be the best leader of the country? Want to test and polish your skills?? Than start using Word Conflict app. This is the best Android app in the market that is the going to train you to become the different and best   leader as compared to the all others.                                            

Train Your Skills:

Screenshot_16 Screenshot_17

You have to use different sets of the strategy in the World Conflict app  in order to build an territory. You have to give your best in order to be the best and the unique leader.

  • Diplomacy
  • Spy Center:  Train your spy and tell him the Mission type and the target country and then send the Mission.
  • Relation news: Here displays the information of the relations that you are having with other trainee.
  • Spy news: Trace any kind of the Spy event.
  • War news:  In order to give your best to the state both economically and military that is unique form others.

Test and train yourself  by using all the things from diplomacy to war news in order to be the skillful and the unique best leader of the state.

Features of the World Conflict:

  • This game was developed in the Single Player Mode but now it’s also available in the Multi Player Mode.
  • It’s up to you that you want to play alone or you want to play with the other 9 players all of them having the different personalities.
  •  One of the most interesting features of the world conflict is that you can build your own Army and build your own economy.
  • There are the 11 Spy operations that you can do.
  • If you want to war with your enemies than build your army wither do the naval attacks you can launch the missiles.

This is so fun to play the World Conflict game. Simply interesting and entertaining are the two words  in which one can easily describe the World Conflict game. Challenge the other players and show them that you are the best and only you are capable of being the leader of the state.

This app is available at free cost on the Play Store. Download this app from Google Play Store here.


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