Word Search Gold: When Puzzle Games Take A Turn


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The new puzzle game that has hit the iTunes store is now fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and even iPod. Although many puzzle games exits in the niche there are few which significantly stand out from the rest. Amongst the scanty ones which rise above the common selection of puzzle games, Word Search Gold takes a top spot, and for very good reason too. This fun and highly innovative as well as exciting puzzle grips users with its multiple themes which enable easy selection and customization.

Word Search Gold Features

  • Basic Features

The features present in the game are numerous and one cannot always count them all. From the multiple themes available for users to easily select their layout depending on their likes to each and every single puzzle being unique from the rest, the game hosts three difficulty levels in all. The categories of choice are more than just a few. Word lists come in different sections and categories from which foreign word lists are also included. This has greatly aided many users in getting acquainted with foreign languages.

  • Word Lists

From among the various themes, the most popular ones are Oktoberfest, Christmas and winter. Others include the Jungle, Coral Reef and more themes of the sort. Small children and even adults can easily use the game and play it without losing interest. This is because word lists start from Basic English and reach up to SAT and GMAT vocabulary. Slang word lists are also available. In foreign languages, there are there are ten different lists out of which French, Spanish, German and Latin exist.

  • Graphics

Talking about the graphics, one of the main reasons behind the appeal of the game is the gorgeous graphics. High quality and crystal clear, users laud the beautiful display of colors and selection of appropriate designs to highlight the layout of the game.

Users’ Experiences

Users love and adore the app on an overall basis. Most of them have concluded that the app is one of the greatest they have yet come across. But users especially love the scoreboard settings which are updated every 24 hours. They come in options of local as well as international. Plus, the app is free for download.

You can download Word Search Gold iPhone Educational App from Apple Store here.


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