Word Search Gold Android Educational App Review


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Puzzle word search games have taken a new turn in the Android world with the introduction of Word Search Gold. This word finder puzzle game is uniquely designed and blends a number of skill enhancement techniques as well as puts together an immense amount of tricks and fun additions. With language support enabled, users get to select their language of choice from a wide range of choices. The developer of this game has had a prior experience with games of the same sort and has been a leading designer of other renowned games.

word search education app


The collection of words which make up the puzzle range over a huge expanse which starts from the basic word of the language selected and reaches up until advanced levels. In the case of English for instance, SAT and TOEFL vocabulary is added amongst the word list suggestions. Users have found it increasingly helpful if they are learning a new language as foreign word lists are also present.


Themes make up the major part of the game and there are plenty of those to choose from. Based on a collection of seasons, festivals and interesting locations around the globe, a few of the available themes are Oktoberfest, Coral reef and Space.


The board of high scores is a regularly updated online one which is can be found in two forms: local and online, with the local one displaying scores of players within the same area and the other showing those of players all around the world. All in all there are a total of three difficulty levels. Categorically words are divided into sections of popular choices. Combining educational benefits as well as leisure has resulted in the progression of many skills in children as well as adults.

Players of this Android app have stated that it increments their concentration abilities as well as spelling and vocabulary on an overall basis. The captivating graphics and pleasant sound effects add up to the general effect on users who play it. With simple instructions and playing rules, many parents may find it useful to help get their kids more indulged into language study with its aid. Other than that, it is great fun for people of all ages.

You can download Word Search Gold Android Educational App from Google Play Store here.

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