All In One Wondershare Video Player for Android Free

Best Free Video Player for Android

On Google Play, there are many video players for playback videos formats smoothly on Android phone. Users are used to calling them as “Video Transformer”. While, Wondershare Player is not just a converter or format transformer, it’s the most comprehensive video tool and one of the best free video player for Android.

The Ultimate video player for Android

Like other players on Google Market, Wondershare Player covers lots of video formats to watch “Any Vidoes”. It support over 20 videos formats, such as flv, mkv, avi, rmvb, mp4, mov movies, 720p HD and more, it even support DVD!

Open the program, scan videos with Wondershare Player. It can scan and detect any media files, including videos and music intelligently. Or enter a video URL to browse.

Then use Wondershare Player to watch smoothly without a lag, sliding up and down to adjust brightness with your finger, or slide on the right side of the screen to adjust volume. Just slide like skating on the screen.

More Than a Player

Video transformer is enough, but not perfect.

The perfect app is a library offering endless media files. Hottest videos from YouTube, Vevo, Matecafe, Vimeo, etc. are collected to watch online. If you want to watch that video later, you can bookmark it into “Favorite”, while it need network.

Considering who are busy or the network connection, Wondershare Player designs a feature to cache videos for watch offline. After opening a video to watch, you can tap to save it into “Watch Later” Queue from which you can enjoy videos without network connection.

Video Player for Android

Another solution to network connect is remote media, which also saves time and storage for you to watch videos that are located on your remote PC file.

More Settings for Personalization

After watching videos, what action do you prefer? Automatically jump to next videos? Or just close the program after videos finished playing? You can set any, it’s up to you.

More, set your preferred aspect size: full screen, mail box or fill screen to gain better watching experience. Choose the subtitle color or font size to meet your need. Other advanced settings are: network setting, playback, decoding mode and etc.

More super features are on the app; just feel free to jump right to Google Play for Wonderhare Play now.

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