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WLC Videos is the great video app developed by galal doss. This is an amazing app by using which you can download the videos and watch them at anytime in your device. It is not possible to connect your device to wifi all the time, sometimes there is no internet access or there is no wifi availability and you want to see any video than in that case you can enjoy the streamed videos of the WLC Videos that you have streamed when the wifi was available.

Enjoy watching your favorite Videos any time:

Getting bore, want to enjoy your free time or want to relax for sometime in your office, than watch any of your favorite video and enjoy your time, no problem if there is internet connectivity problem at your work place simply watch the saved or streamed videos in your device. You can save any video to your mobile and watch at any time.  The best part of the WLC Videos is that you can remove the videos you have downloaded, streamed and save in your device at any time.

Stream the Videos:

To enjoy all your favorite videos at the time when you are getting bore or going to the place where there is no internet connectivity stream the videos when the wifi is available.  The unique and the best feature of the WLC Videos is that it automatically updates when any of the new video is released. Downloading the videos and saving them has become so much easier by using the WLC Videos. Currently this app is available for  the English videos but in the new version of the app the other videos will also be available.

Amazing Features of the WLC Videos.

  • Stream, Save and Download your favorite videos
  • Stream the videos when the wifi is available
  • Remove the videos at any time
  • Well designed graphics
  • User friendly interface

The well designed graphics and the user friendly interface of the app makes it more appealing to use. You can also mark your favorite videos by using the WLC Videos. This app is designed for iPhone and iPad both and is available free of cost at App Store. Download it now and start watching your favorite videos any time.



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