White Tile 2 Don’t Tap It Android Game

Tapping the tiles  is one of the favorite activity of  almost every kid. Keeping this in the mind White Tile 2 app is introduced in the market by Game Mix.This game is played by the people of all age groups. You can play this app in your free time. This game is that much addictive that once you start playing it you are unable to stop yourself to use this app. You can also test your tapping skills by using White Tile 2.

Don’t Step While, Tap the Black:

The rule of the game is that you have to tap the black tiles and you have to keep in your mind that you don’t have to step on the white tiles. If you are going to step on the white tile than you can lose the game .  The amazing sounds of the piano let you enjoy playing the game. Be happy there are some new versions  of the game modes of the White Tile 2 are coming .

Game Modes:

There are different games mode in the White Tile 2. One is the endurance mode, one is pattern and the third one  frenzy mode. All the modes are different from each other. There is the difference in the timings in which you have to complete the mode but the rule is the same that you don’t have to step the white tiles, like in endurance mode you have 10 seconds to complete the level but if you are going to tap 40 black tiles in the time than you are given 40 more minutes. In the Pattern mode there is no time limit in order to complete the level but the faster you are going to tap the black tiles more high score you are going to attain, in the frenzy mode you have to tap the black tiles in the 30 seconds.

This game is easy to play  the controls are very simple. White Tile 2 is avaialible for free download at App Store. Download it now and have fun, you can also share this app on the social media.


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