What is QR Code Reader and How it works


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QR Code Reader

The barcode image you will see above many time you see on Top Best Free Apps review.  Actually it’s not a bar code its QR code Reader. This QR code is the coded form of any link which you can use on the web. It’s also a shortcut to link which connect you to internet by using your phone camera. QR code saves you from typing lengthy URL of any page on your mobile phone browser.

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QR Code Reader and How it works:

After reading the above short description of QR code Reader , I think you understand what actually QR code is. Let see how it works. QR code Reader is very simple and easy to use. You just need a free barcode or QR code reader app which is freely available at market. You can also see the download link of code reader app at the end of the post. To read barcode or QR code, run code reader or scanner app on your Android phone and scan the code from your monitor screen or anywhere else. After scanning and detecting code, pop up message appear on phone screen which contains their option for you either to “open browser” ,  “share via email” and “Share via sms”.

If you want to open link in browser or if you are scanning any download link it will redirect to that particular page. The other two are sharing option, you have option to share link via email or via SMS. Don’t forget to checkout top 5 business apps.

QR Code Reader

Update Latest Features:

Now you can update privacy setting, menu and all other control settings.

You can also sort and create group of your history.

Amazon store location bug is also fixed.

Checkout the QR Code Reader Scanner Demo video:

You can free download barcode or QR code reader app from market here.


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