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WhacksThat is the unique type of the game that is available at App Store. WhacksThat is totally different style gaming app just because of its unique characters. In WhacksThat you have to pass through the rooms of the  house there you are going to face the adverse type of the character. There are so many interesting and the challenging levels in the WhacksThat in each level you are going to see the different character that have crazy face. The most challenging part of the app is that levels are so unique. In each level you are going to face the unique  character.


Unique Type of the character in the WhacksThat :

In the house some character that appear that are the  friendly and the other are that are going to create the hurdle. So you have to distinguish between those friendly and the unfriendly character. There are so many set of the bonus points that you have to collect while playing the game in order to get better score.


There are the so many  different modes of the game. There are 24 challenging stages in the WhacksThat all the stages are the unique. All the stages have something unique type of  the tasks. The unique type of the different set of the characters are in the rooms of the house. There are so many steps in the levels. You have to collect so many items and the bonus points in order to get better score.

WhacksThat iphone game

The lifelines are shown in the form of the heart. You have to earn the life line in the level so you have large number of the hearts the more hearts means that you have the lifelines. The amazing type of the character is the reason of the popularity. WhacksThat is popular among all age groups. The interface of the WhacksThat is user friendly.  WhacksThat is the simple app require no technical knowledge to play. Install this app it is available on the App Store.

Hope you are going to enjoy playing this unique type of  the game. If you want more knowledge  regarding the WhacksThat. You have to go to the official website of the WhacksThat http://www.whacksthat.com/

You can download WhackThat App from Apple iTunes Store here.

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