WeVidz The Crazy Social Video App


August 5, 2014Apps iPhoneNo comments

WeVidz is a social video platform that can let you edit the videos that you wish to run in your browser. This social app was created by WeVidz Inc. It allows you to create, combine and share moments by gathering them into a video.  As you submit the content, even your friends can add some photos, videos, text, video and voice recordings. This means the video can undergo lots and lots of editing by different people. You can hence create a video stream that you can share with the whole world.

WeVidz The Crazy Social Video App:

WeVidz is available for both Android and iTunes users.  It is totally free. You can easily use it on iPad, iPod, iPhone. If you want to use it on Android, then your device must be a minimum 2.3.3.

You have to make the video and share it with your friends. It’s a rule that once you have created a profile, you must share the video with at least one friend. Then the chain continues as other people keep on adding stuff into the videos.

The application is available in English and German language. It is easy to install and easy to use. There are plenty of features present within that can let you edit the video, combine various images, add text and do whatever crazy stuff you want to do with the video to make it funny. Once you are done with it, you share the video and your friends can keep on contributing in the video by adding more fun stuff.  This is why a video created over WeVidz is never said to be complete.

WeVidz is being used by common users as well as marketers for marketing their products and services. It is quite popular among users because of its ease and simplicity. Besides, you can do whatever you want through the touch of your fingers so why won’t people use it?

There are lots of editing features available within the application that can let you add text, images, clips, voice recordings, and a lot more. Once you are satisfied, you can share the video and let others do the work.