Watson Stopwatches and Timers App: Review


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Watson Stopwatches and the Timers is the great app that helps you to track the time. There are multiple stopwatches and the timers in this app. The unique feature of this app is that stopwatches and timers are stored in the database and no service is used by this application. You have different page view layouts with speech functionality. There are different categories on each page. There is no limit for the number of pages, stopwatches and the timers.


Track Your Time:

This app is helpful for the people of all ages. It is well designed app having the good graphics. It’s very easy to use. This app helps you to track your time. There are page layouts having different categories like cooking exercise and the work games. There is no limit for the pages. You can have unlimited pages and set as many stopwatches and the timers as you want. You can also assign the titles to the stopwatches and the timers. The timers and stopwatches are stored in the database so whenever you exit application and reboot your phone they are still running and the timer and the stopwatches are restore. This application is not using any kind of the service so even if the app is not in the view there is no battery consumption. You can gather your history of timings and you can easily track your progress.

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Unique Features:

  • Fully configurable option of the speech.
  • Unlimited number of the pages, stopwatches and timers.
  • Time Tracking
  • Multiple timers, stopwatches on page.
  • Support of the tables on page
  • Reset stopwatches, timers at same time.
  • Start stopwatches, timers at same time.
  • Setting tittles to the stopwatches, timers
  • Optional controls of the volume.
  • Multiple pages
  • Speech of the timer complete
  • Timer countdown speech
  • Stopwatches and timers stored in the database.
  • Less battery Consumption
  • There is the ability to talk the stopwatch countups.
  • Publish your stopwatch times to when did application.


  • Network Communication for the Google ads.
  • Hardware Control to allow the controls of the volume.
  • Wake lock to ensure that your phone is available on the sleep mode.
  • System Tools to restore the timer notifications.

This app is available free of cost. Track your time by downloading this awesome application from the Google Play here.

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