Watch Beauty 12 Face style icon for Young Generation


March 25, 2016AndroidNo comments

Watch Beauty 12 face is a style icon for young Generation. It’s a new android wear which comes with 12 faces to choose from with a fabulous design. Watch Beauty 12 Face built with date indicator. The screen of the watch Beauty 12 Face is round and square. If we had to decide a favorite Android Wear watch face it would possibly be this beauty. So here is the solution because this android wear comes with 12 faces. Interface section of this app is superb with the help of advanced tools.

The important thing is that Watch Beauty 12 Face android wear app is not a freeware app likewise other app. If you want to download this app then you should buy this product from Google Play before downloading. The price tag of Watch Beauty 12 Face this app is Rs.134.19 (INR).The good news is that the screen of android wear is its burn in protection, which makes it extra protection comparatively other android wear app.

Here are the Brands & its Models which Compatible with Watch Beauty 12 Face android wear app

  • Asus Zenwatch (Zenwatch 1 & 2)
  • Moto 360 (moto360)
  • Moto 360 2015 (42mm, 46mm)
  • Huawei Watch
  • LG G Watch R (lgwr)
  • LG G Watch W100 (lgwg)
  • LG Watch Urbane (lgwu)
  • Sony Smart watch 3 (sw3)
  • Samsung gear Live

Watch Beauty 12 Face Needs to permission

  • Contacts
  • Identity
  • Other Information

Watch Beauty 12 Face app runs with 4.0 & upper version. The size of the app is only 7.2 Mb. After install the watch face will be available in the Android Wear app. Touch the watch face to select it and a small wheel will appear on top of the watch face. Touch it again and the configuration app will start. If it not showing on the watch run Resync app option in Android Wear app.

You can download from hereWatch Beauty 12 Face