Walking With Dinosaurs: Dino Run Review


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Did you like watching BBC walking with Dinosaur movie in 3D? If yes then I am sure that you will love to get Walking with Dinosaurs Dino Run app in your smart gadget too. It is one of the cutest gaming apps, which I have come across and thus, a must recommended app for all those, who love to act as fossil hunters while playing any bone collecting game.

Price and availability of Game:

Walking with Dinosaurs Dino Run is one of fun loving games I found on Apple app online store. The best thing is that this amazing game is purchasable for just $0.99, which is quite affordable without any doubt.

What you will find in Walking with Dinosaurs Dino Run?

In this game, you will find many fun loving and cute characters like Patchi the Pachyrhinosarus and various other characters from the film. The entire game will be all about jumping and dogging the dino to the forest and through the period of cretaceous. The more level you will cross, the more creatures you will get to see in the game. Apart from this, there are various other features that this game has the capability to offer. Do you want to know what more you will enjoy in the game? The details are as follows:

  • You will find yourself running from the jaws of a very hungry Gorgosaurus.
  • You will have to jump over the abysses to save your life.
  • You will have to find escape from the claws of Pterosaurus.
  • The basic of your all efforts will be to stay safe from falling down and to collect leaves to enjoy new levels of the game. Moreover, to unlock various other fellow creatures, you will have to select as many feathers as you can.


This amazing game needs iOS 4.3 or later, which is why you can enjoy playing game on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Keep in mind that each of the gadgets must have at least 64.9 MB space to have this game in it.

In nutshell, Walking with Dinosaurs Dino Run is an amazing as well as affordable game, which one can play to pass one’s leisure time. Walking With Dinosaurs: Dino Run is available on App App Store for download.


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