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VoX Mobile VoIP is the International calling app. This app is the best app regarding other International calling applications. You are able to do infinite free voice calls to the other VoX Mobile VoIP app users and also you are able to do the calls anywhere in the world.

VoX Mobile VoIP app

Are you away from your family??You wanna talk to your friends and the family in the other countries?? You wanna have the free voice calls. If Your answer is Yes Then this app is going to serve you the best.

VoX Mobile VoIP Unique Features:

• Free app to use for trial versions.
• Low rates on the international calls.
• International calling anywhere at any time.
• Call anywhere in the USA
• Cheaper calling costs than the other applications
• No hidden rates
• No monthly agreements
• 60 Minutes are of the free calling to select any country.
• Free Voicemail Email
• Free IM to the other VoX Mobile VoIP Users
• Free Calls to the other VoX Mobile VoIP Users
• Caller ID.

VoX Mobile VoIP iphone app

Why To Choose Only VoX Mobile VoIP International Calling App:

If you are going to use this app you are able to enjoy the free trial and low rates on International calls to the INDIA, MEXICO, PAKISTAN, BRAZIL, VIETNAM, and UNITED KINGDOM. There is the issue of privacy when you are using the other International calling applications. VoX Mobile VoIP has the solution it allows you to have the Phone number apart from your personal Number. You are also able to change the number on your VoX Mobile VoIP app.You can have the infinite Voice calls at lowest rates with 60 minutes of the calling bonus.With every registration you are awarded by 60 minutes.

• Your privacy is never ever at risk.
• You have the less roaming charges on the international roaming.
• There are the additional and the amazing features in this app that are not in other apps like 3 way calling
• You are also able to record your calls and others calls.
• You are also able to install the Automatically records updater
• You are also able to have the free bonus 60 minutes at listing.

So what are you waiting for friends?? Simply Pick up your Phone, Install this app from Google Play here.
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