VetCheck Helps to Keep Track of all your Pets


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VetCheck by Chrismoss is the great app for the pet lovers. By using this app you can track the record of the pets that you have.  you can maintain their record regarding their names, treatments and appointments from the vet doctor. VetCheck is going to guide you with tips and suggestions that how to take care of your pet. Don’t worry about the accuracy of the   information in VetCheck this app is developed by the pet and the information provided by him  is accurate there is no doubt in it.

Pet’s Health Care:

This is the  only app that completely cares about your pet health. You can record all the information regarding your pet. Suppose you have pet cat and you have to manage his record . You can add the vaccination details of  your pet cat , weight if  your pet cat and any other you about health of your pet cat. This information is also saved you can send it to your friends by email or you can send this information to the doctor of your pet. You are able to keep track of the weight loss and gain of your pet by using the VetCheck. The results are shown in the graph so you can regularly have look on your pet health. Store the health history of the pet and graph pet weight in the kg , pounds. You are also able to set status that appointment of your pet with doctor is done or not.

Alert Reminders:

The best feature of the VetCheck is that once you save the appointment date of your pet VetCheck is going to give you the alert reminder on that date so there are no chances that you are going to miss the appointment of your pet with doctor. This is best for your pet health.

Tips and Suggestions:

The tips and the guidelines about health care of the pets are regularly updated by the real vets. You can also say that VetCheck is the diary of the owners of the pets in which they can easily manage the data regarding the health care of the pets and their information.

Pet Age Calculator in Human Years:

Calculating age of your pet in the human years is also the great and the unique feature of the VetCheck. To check the age of your pet in human years you have to enter the age of your pet and the result is the age in the human years.

If you have more than one pet you can better understand that it is not easy to manage their Monthly checkup or about their likes and the dislikes but if you are going to have something in which you can manage their record and going to get regular  tips to take care of your pet in that case it is very easy to manage them. VetCheck is available for just $2.99 at App Store. This is not a big amount in front of your pets health so don’t wait any more .Download this app and start using it now.


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