urFonts iPhone App Helps to Create Personal Handwritten Fonts


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Be unique in your own way, all people use the same default fonts that are provided in the software because they don’t have any other option.  But now you all have an option you can create your personal handwritten fonts. Write in your own way and then create the fonts of your handwriting. As everyone has the different writing style so it is obvious that everyone is going to have the unique personal handwritten fonts. Personal handwritten fonts was not easy  to made but because of urFonts app this has become so easy and simple. You just have to write the letter on the uLetter after that you are going to receive an email .

3 Steps to create Personal hand written fonts: Register,Design,Email:

  • Register for this app to have your personal account and then log in form that account every time you are going to use urFonts Personal handwritten fonts app.
  • Use the tool such as the design tool in order to draw the characters
  • Share with your friends or your family.
  • You can use your personal handwritten fonts everywhere. There is no limit for using your personal handwritten fonts use it anywhere you want to. You can also create as many fonts as you can one for you and the other for your family members.

Export Your Personal Fonts anywhere:

You can also export the fonts to your computer very easily. When you start using the app you are provided with the guidelines specially when you are drawing the glyph. There are so many continuous improvements that are added in the updates of the urFonts personal handwriting fonts app. The best part of the app is that it is so easy to download your personal handwriting fonts to the computer without any issue. Guidelines to  install the handwriting fonts is also provided to the user.you can test your fonts in the scratch pad. Export your fonts to dropbox, Skydrive, Google drive or any where you want it.


Download this app from the App Store and start using your personal handwritten fonts share it with your friend and the family on the facebook directly through the app or by downloading and then sharing.


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