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When I got my iPad, the lack of a USB drive interface and user manageable file system really bugged me. How do you store your own files in iPad? How do you transfer them to and from PC? I came across this solid and easy-to-use application, OrganiDoc (its iPad version is called OrganiDoc HD), that has answers to these issues.

Bypassing the iOS restriction of using iPhone/iPad to store files, OrganiDoc transfers and manages files between iPhone/iPad and PC or Web Storage like Google Docs and Dropbox, either with a USB cable or wirelessly. It recognizes file types and automatically categories documents, pictures and multimedia files to achieve a well-organized personal file system on iPhone/iPad.

Opening and viewing files are easy. OrganiDoc supports virtually all file formats on iOS. Use the visually intuitive interfaces, like Preview Window and Cover Flow, to quickly navigate to and access files. It also saves email attachments (even ZIP/RAR/Archive) right from within the email application. No more fumbling through emails boxes to find attachments. Retrieve or dispatch them to other applications quickly.

You may checkout cool features of OrganiDoc App:

  1. Simply transfer docs, pics and videos from your PC through iTunes enabling browsing and management anytime, anywhere.
  2. Revolutionary way to present your files in their respective presentation and interfaces, allowing more efficient file management.
  3. Manage your docs, pics and videos in both public and protected mode.
  4. Easily save your attachments within email to OrganiDoc HD.
  5. Use free Dropbox, Google Docs or other cloud disk services for backup remotely and download them on demand to your iPad.
  6. Observe sharing status of your Google docs or Dropbox on iPad anytime.
  7. Compression files such as ZIP or RAR can be extracted in OrganiDoc HD. Password protected ZIP or RAR are also supported. Files and folders can be compressed to a ZIP file.
  8. Use OrganiDoc HD as your one stop file management app for emailing or dispatching file to other apps for further editing.
  9. Use Wi-Fi to transfer file from PC to iPad when there is no access to USB cable.
  10. Support Air print features to print out files in iPad easily.
  11. Support TV out features. Users can easily connect iPad to TV or projectors to do presentation.
  12. Pics are saved with complete information such as GPS, focus, resolution and so on.
  13. Converting wmv, flv, f4v, rm, rmvb, avi, mpg, asf, mkv, 3gp video files to iPad playable mp4 or audio-only mp3 files. During the conversion, you can still play other video files.

OrganiDoc also addresses file security nicely. A dedicated, password-protected storage is used for storing confidential files at the control of the user. Web Storage access, which is integrated with OrganiDoc, is also password-enabled with sharing status control.

OrganiDoc provides convenient features to take advantage of the mobility of iPhone/iPad. Use Air Print to easily print files/photos from iPad. Use TV Out to connect to TV or projectors for an instant presentation.

You can visit OrganicDoc website here or You can download OrganicDoc app from iTunes here.

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