iPhone Apps for Truck Drivers


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Truck Driver Apps for iPhone:

Technology has moved into the driver’s cab, and it’s more useful now than ever before. There will always be a place for your CB radio, but you should also make room for some of these great apps. Designed to make the life of a truck driver a little easier, you will appreciate having these apps when you hit the road for your next long haul.

Top 5 Truck Driver Apps for iPhone:

1. Truck Stops – $2.99

Some exits can be nightmares for truckers. One-way streets, sharp turns and tiny parking lots are just a few of the features you would rather avoid on the road. Easily find dedicated truck stops with this clever app. It will let you know where the closest truck stops are when you need a bite to eat and a shower. It will guide you to the rest stops where you can take a short nap and it will let you know where the weigh stations are. It’s all information you need to have as a trucker, and it’s right at your fingertips.

2. Truck Stop Coupons – Free

Eating on the road is part of your life, so you’re usually looking for a good deal on delicious meals. This app will tell you where the truck stops are and who has the best bargains. You can search for your favorite stops along the route and take advantage of special deals, coupons and bargains.

3. Gas Buddy – Free

Gas prices are always volatile, and right now they are steadily on the rise. The more money you can save at the pump, the more money you can keep in your pocket when the haul is finished. This smartphone app provides you with data on numerous gas stations in your immediate area. You will never again stop for gas at one place and then cringe when you see it ten cents cheaper down the road.

4. Google Maps – Free

Easy to use and incredibly handy, this app can help you avoid traffic jams and anticipate what situations might be waiting for you around the next bend. This app does more than just provide you with driving directions and local business searches.  It can also help you bypass construction and evade heavy traffic.

5. Trucker – $0.99

This app was designed with truckers in mind, and it combines many of the cool features seen in the other apps. In addition to providing you with information on gas prices, it also features data on time zones, legal forms and weather updates. Calculate your mileage, stay safe with the low clearance directory and find the best stops with the truck stop directory. This app goes beyond the business aspect, also. Truckers have to push to get the loads delivered on time, but there may be some time spent waiting for the next haul. This app even features information for finding entertainment to help you pass the time when you are away from home.

Before you head out on the next long haul, put a few of these apps on your phone. They can help you save money on gas and food while also avoiding heavy traffic and tedious construction zones. Most importantly, they can make your drive easier by helping you avoid those exits that aren’t trucker friendly and find the truck stops you need.

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