Trouble in BlackBerry paradise?


April 5, 2012BlackberryNo comments

Cellular gods are no longer shinning on BlackBerry it seems. Headline after headline is spelling out disaster for brand which was once the king that reigned supreme. Does everything Google touch turn to gold? It seems that way since Android has been giving everyone a run for their money, and its latest victim is not an apple but a very popular berry. Nothing lasts forever, and neither has BlackBerry’s success. A few fired executives later the firm seems to be continuing its plummeting trend on the stock market. But all that begs the question: what went wrong?

The BlackBerry phone is meant for people who need to get serious work done. And serious work is not all that people do. Many users skip out on the phone for other options because they’d rather be tapping the screen to play a game or even write a text rather than type it. BlackBerry has stayed true for most part to its keypad and shape. While the world was evolving into touch screen phones, BlackBerry didn’t really join the party. Professionals around the world are still gasping at the news that BlackBerry is not what it used to be because, truth be told, it’s still one of the fastest and most sophisticated cellular machines that one can get their hands on.

You can check on your cars location with an Android, Now many can say they can do the same with a Spy Blackberry. The trouble is that high end professionals need something like a BlackBerry to stay alive in their work environments. They don’t need an iPhone or an Android, they need a BlackBerry. RIM (Research in motion) is the maker of all things BlackBerry and they realize that competing with the other more popular phones is useless. In a manner you could say that the makers are realizing that they shouldn’t be trying to get the Top Chef award when they only know how to drive race cars. And that’s exactly what the firm is going to do.

Rumors are flying around that BlackBerry may pick up a deal with Windows or forge an alliance with another bigwig from the cellular industry. At present BlackBerry phones are just 5 percent of the overall smart phones in the USA; that’s a far cry from the original position the company had as an industry heavyweight. So, corporate customers along with some new alliances are the future for the firm. Many who prefer the BlackBerry experience won’t be that happy with this change though. What’s true is that there’s a complete overhaul of strategy taking place at BlackBerry and only time will tell how it’ll fare in the future. For now all one can really do is wait and see.

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