Track Veterinary Medical Files For Your Pets with Raphael PetMed


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PetMed is the great app by STARx  Technical Corporation that is developed  especially for the pet lovers. PetMed is designed for iPad . You can maintain the health record of your pet by using this app. Now you don’t have to worry about for making  a diary or list about the health care of your pet, PetMed  helps you to maintain the record of your pet. The amazing part of the app is that you can communicate the record file of your pet with pet sitters and the animal hospitals.

Record Health History of your Pet:

If your pet is ill and you want the sudden medication for your pet you can upload the medical file of your pet and use the graphical interface of the app to tell the complete health history  and the condition of your pet so he can provide you with all essentials. The user friendly interface and the well designed graphics of the app  makes it more appealing to use.  By maintain the record of your pet you can easily track their  medical history, their vaccination details, appointments and the diseases they had in the past. You can give name to the medical file of your pet so you can easily recognize that which file is of which pet.

PetMed Packages:

PetMed also helps you  in remembering  the appointment of your pet with their doctor. You can maintain the record of  your all pets in the PetMed, but for that you have to buy the packages of the app. To add the information of  pet you have to buy the app in .$4.99 you can add  the maximum of the 4 pets information but one at a time. If you want to add the information of 4 pets at a time you have to buy the  package $9.99 of PetMed.  If you have so many pets in your home than  you should buy the $24.99 Package of the PetMed. You can also upgrade this app to use  additional functionality of the PetMed in just $1.99.

PetMed is available at the App Store , download it now to enjoy the ease of tracking the health record of your pet.


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