Top Five Best chat apps for iPhone


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iPhone has now provided you every type of application. You wonder how is it possible making more than one app for a single thing. For example there are hundreds of apps for file sharing, music Downloader and player, data recovery programs, games, and many more. You feel bored just click and download your favorite app. It’s just about clicking and downloading, in return you will get lots of fun and exciting moments. iPhone also offers hundreds of chat apps, top 5 are mentioned below. All the time you will be connected to your friends even if you are not in the same city, same country. It also gives you overseas connections.

List of Top Five Best chat apps for iPhone:

Checkout the list of top 5 best iPhone chat apps.

Skype app:

Now video chat is also possible by your phone. You just have to download Skype app for your iPhone. If you want to stay connected with a group of friends get Skype. For example there a message for your close friends rather sending them one by one you can create one private group with Skype. You can send free messages, get updates and easily coordinate with your friends.

skype iphone chat app

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Live profile:

The fastest chat app LiveProfile is completely free. It makes you stay connected all the time with your friends and family. It is a cross-platform messenger. Via LiveProfile you can not only chat but also send photos, videos, updates and many more.

liveprofile iphone chat app

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Kik messenger:

The most simple, fast and reliable app of iPhone. Most of the people love to use this app as it has user friendly interface. People of any age can easily understand its working. The most easiest way to catch up with your friends. It is free of cost.

kik-messenger iphone app

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Text plus:

TextPlus is the new app introduced by iPhone. There are some additional features in this app which you will not find in any other app. Here your conversation is at the bottom. There is no fee for sending and receiving messages. You can easily share your life with your friends.

textplus-mensajes-texto-iphone chat app

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Wats app:

Watsapp is the most commonly used apps. It  is also the fastest in frequently sending and receiving messages. It is the most reliable messenger of iPhone. This one is the best chat I ever used.

whatsapp-messenger-iphnoe app

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