Top Best ABC Learning Games for kids

Your smartphone can act as a kindergarten for your little kid as well. Though, kids should not use cell phone much but for a time being, you can make it useful for your child.

There are many learning games and apps, which have been introduced for the Android smartphones. ABC learning games for kids is another best app for your kid, which you can install in your phone to make your kid learn the basic ABCD even before he goes to the school.

Best ABC Learning Games for kids:

Games are the best way to make children learn something. With this game, your time will be saved and your child will learn something constructive sooner than later. The great thing about this game is that, it has catchy ABC characters in it, which will grab the attention of your kids and they will be more focused to learn the alphabets.

  • This game also helps the kids in speaking and understanding the alphabets.  In this app, there are some amazing features such as:
  • The English alphabets are available in the sweet melody tones, which attract the child more and they learn it through the rhyme.
  • The kids also get to learn the writing of the alphabets with this app. You do not have to keep them practicing for hours instead they will get it done through this app.
  • The kids can recognize the ABC in the animal’s voice and this feature is present in this app.
  • This game also has this feature of matching dots, which helps the kids to learn it and write it by matching dots.
  • Filling colors is the very favorite work of kids to do. The kids get to match the dots, color them, and then recognize them.
  • With the puzzle game, the kids can sharpen their mental skills.

kids abc learning game for kids

This app is the best one to have in your Android smartphone, which will make your kid educated with all the alphabets even before going school.

You can free download Best ABC Learning Games for Kids from Google Play Store.

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