Top 8 Best Funny and Amazing Fact Apps for Android Smartphones


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Hey folks, hope you will be fine. Today we compile a list of top 8 best funny and amazing fact apps for Android. Before going to list, first I would like to share with why people are very crazy about facts. Facts are those statements which are considered as true as God is one. It includes all those statements that are testing and proven to be correct. Just like that scientific facts are verifiable by repeated experiments. To understand “Facts”, let me give you a real time example, “Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system” it is a fact because you can see that it is verified Jupiter is the largest the largest planet in the solar system. I hope so know you understand the philosophy behind the facts.

After knowing the concept of fact, you understand that why people are so crazy about the facts. They always want to know more and more facts like funny facts, Awesome Facts, Cool Facts, and Animal Facts etc.

Now I would like to share Top 8 Best Fact Apps for Android. By installing these apps on your smart phones and tablets, you can read 100 and 1000’s of facts on your mobile phone free of cost.

List of Top Best Funny and Amazing Fact Apps for Android:

8. Funny Facts Free:

Funny Fact Android app has different facts about human body, nature, science, celebrities, world record  strange laws, life facts and many more. The interface of app is very user friendly you can easily find facts of your interest by selecting category.

funny facts android app

6. Amazing Facts:

Amazing Facts Android app has some amazing facts about different places. If you are tourist, you might like this amazing app. As you can see in the below screen shot. This fact is about great Pyramids.

amazing facts andorid app

 5. Random Facts:

Random Fact contains silly facts, animal facts, science facts etc. The great thing about this app is that when you find an extraordinary fact you can share it with you friends on facebook and twitter. You can also save your favorite facts in your favorite list.

Random Facts andorid app

4. 5001 Amazing Facts:

This amazing facts apps contains 5000 amazing facts. There are many other cool features of this app like over 5000 amazing fact list, you can also search fact my your interest, you can also share facts on your social network, 4*2 home screen widgets and ads free etc.

5001 Amazing Facts

3. 9000+ Awesome Facts:

9000+ Awesome Facts has the most awesome, funny, amusing, and crazy facts yet. This app is clean, fast, and very easy to use. Easily share with your friends and family through many social networks and other compatible applications.

9000+ Awesome Facts

2. 10,500+ Cool Facts:

This app has 10,500+ Cool Facts about life, animals, human behavior etc.

10,500+ Cool Facts

1. Awesome Facts:

Awesome Facts is one of the top best facts apps in Google Play. This app has great collection of 15000+ facts which are divided in to 33 different categories.

Awesome Facts android app

There are many great features of this app like,

It has largest database of fact which is about 15000+ facts.

It also tracks the reader and tell you unread facts.

You can also save your favorite facts is separate list.

You can also share your favorite facts with your friends on facebook, twitter, and email.

Interface of app is really beautiful and users friendly.

One of the best feature that I like in this app is, it shows you fact of the day in a cool widget.



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