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by Guest Author on March 14, 2012


The third-best aspect of attending college – after the second-place end of the academic year and the first-place entry of college graduation – is Spring Break. While some students take this time to study a bit extra or earn a bit more money with extended hours on a part-time job, many students make plans for a Spring Break vacation trip during which they cut loose and work off a long winter of stress. As you prepare for your college break, or if you are planning any kind of trip, here are a few iPhone apps that help you plan and keep on track with your travel plans.

1. Kayak

This app is brought to you by one of the top vacationing sites on the Internet. The free iPhone and Android app helps you find the best, cheapest travel tickets, hotel prices and even rental car discounts, but that’s not all this handy app provides: You can get personalized price alerts, trip tracking, hints and lists for packing and very handy information on the status of airports and a list of potential travel fees involved.

It won’t, however, carry your passport and visa, so don’t forget those and the safety-oriented copies you also want to carry. It can, however, remind you to have them with you as part of your to-do list you create!

2. Jetsetter

This mobile app used to be by invitation-only. Its developers, however, wised up to the benefits it can provide the average traveler and is now free for everyone. The app can display flash discounts of up to 50 percent off hotel lodgings, present restaurant suggestions and generally makes even the most budget-conscious traveler feel like a jetsetter.

Unfortunately, this is for iPhone users at this time, though there might be an Android version published soon.

3. GasBuddy

For anyone – college student or working adult – who wants to take a road trip during Spring Break, on a long weekend away or simply a trip across town, GasBuddy helps you trim your transportation costs by providing you to-the-minute cheap gas prices.

The free app won’t lower prices for you, but it will display the cheapest gas in your area or along your route as you travel.

Pump prices are rising again: Don’t overpay with Gas Buddy for iPhone and Android!

4. Free Wi-Fi Cafe Spots

This specific app comes to you from BlackBerry, but other mobile OS platforms have their own versions.

As you travel, if your smartphone or tablet doesn’t provide you with a Wi-Fi finder feature on board, a Wi-Fi finder app will. BlackBerry’s version specializes in cafes and restaurants with free Wi-Fi in 115 countries, for who wouldn’t enjoy a refreshing drink or a leisurely meal as you check email, update your social networks or surf the Internet?

Take a break in style with BlackBerry’s Wi-Fi Cafe Spots mobile app.

5. CIA World Factbook 2012

Whilst no one hopes to have travel plans canceled or changed due to unrest in any given area, wouldn’t it be nice to know before you head to the airport on your Spring Break? Even a diverted flight plan to avoid hot spots can ruin a vacation and add layers of stress and frustration that you wanted to leave behind.

The CIA World Factbook 2012 may have versions in the iPhone and Android catalogs, but this one comes from BlackBerry as well.

Read about travel alerts and updated travel advisories before you find yourself heading to the wrong-timed destination. If you find yourself already staying in a targeted area, the app provides information for leaving the area.

Browse through interesting facts about your vacation area.

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