Top 5 Racing Games for Android Galaxy S3


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Galaxy S3 is one of the fantastic handset by Samsung and it is truly made for Android gaming. After a great response of Top 5 Best Galaxy S3 Games, Today we compile a list of top 5 best racing games for Android Galaxy S3. These top 5 games are really fun games for all car racing game lovers and specially for those who have Samsung Galaxy S3. Because these games are purely developed for Samsung Galaxy S3 large screen and fast processor.

List of Top 5 Racing Games for Android Galaxy S3:

1. SpeedMoto:

Game SpeedMoto android

Speed Moto is not exactly traditional racing games it is more than endless run-up. The graphics are awesome and game play is engaging while enough. Speed Moto is worth of downloading and playing on short journeys.

2. Asphalt 7:

asphalt 7 android

Asphalt 7 is probably one of the better racing games on Android. On some devices it is little bit issues certainly on some new devices. The game play is very easy and controllable. Unlocking new levels and speed up cars is pretty cool in this game. It need some polishing and upgrading but if you are looking for fast pace racing game Asphal7 is worth picking from Google Play store.

3. Real Racing 2:

Real Racing 2 android

 Real Racing 2 is probably the king of racing games, certainly for those who are looking for crazy car racing games. There is a lot of awesome cars and tracks with very realistic in cars handling. Real racing is the game that makes you while reply. It really is a stunning and beautiful game. Real racing 2 is really fast and graphics are fantastic.

4. SteamPunk Racing 3D:

SteamPunk Racing 3D android

SteamPunk Racing 3D is probably one of the craziest idea of racing games that I ever seen. It is fast and furious; it has lot of beautiful 3D graphics. In this game you got a lot of power ups, unlock tracks. It has a lot of punky levels. It is one of the fastest Android game that I ever played on Android phone. You must try it out.

5. Need For Speed Most Wanted:

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted is the best racing game on Android devices. The graphics of the game is really stunning and beautiful. It is one of the best game, if you like burn app games or arcade games. In this game you are the most wanted car racer for policy and you need to escape from policy. There is a lot fantastic unlocks, gorgeous cars and interesting tracks. If you have not yet real racing game on your Android device you missed the crazy thing.

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