Top 5 iPhone Apps for Designers and Developers


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If you are a designer or a developer then not only you will like to user certain programs and tools in your computer but having some good editing, designing and development tools in your smartphone will also be very helpful as well. It will be right to say that smartphones are still going through their evolutionary period because although, we have got some great smartphones in the market that can perform so many functions, they lack to have a better battery time. Anyways, if you are a web designer or web developer then you will need to have a good smartphone in order to be able to use some good designing and development apps. If you own an iPhone then you don’t need to worry about the performance issue at all because there are so many apps available on the App Store with the help of which you can carry out your designing and development related work easily. Below, I will be telling you about the top 5 iPhone apps for designers and developers that you should also install in your iPhone as well.

List of Top 5 iPhone Apps for Designers and Developers:

1.       Ego

If you are a web designer or web developer then you must be taking care of many websites at the same time. If you are using your computer then you can easily keep an eye on the performance of different websites that you own. However, if you are on the move then you will not be able to access your computer and thus, there will be no way for you to check the statistics and performance of your website. This is where, owning an iPhone can save your day. There is this great app called Ego that you can install in your iPhone and with the help of this simple to use app, you can easily keep an eye on the performance of your website. This simple app supports various platforms like Google Analytics, Squarespace and Twitter. This simply means that without opening each website individually, you can take a look at the new development with the help of one single application.

2.       Palettes

Being a graphic designer, you are always in search of new and unique colors. It often happens that you find a very attractive color but you cannot crack the code. Well, if you are surfing the internet on your computer and an image has a very attractive and beautiful color then you can easily save that color code in your computer with the help of different programs but if you are surfing internet on your iPhone then you will need services of an app like palettes. The app is very simple and easy to use. While surfing the internet, if your eyes fall on a beautiful color then you can create a palette of that color using this app easily. The best thing that I like about this app is that, you can save all the palettes that you create and even if you restore the settings of your phone, you can import all the saved palettes easily as well. You can also import or export those palettes to other programs that you use for designing purpose like Photoshop and Illustrator. This will not only save you a lot of time but you will also be able to design your images in a better way.

Palettes for iphone web designer app


3.       WhatTheFont

We all know that graphic designing is not always about creativity and coming up with unique idea but it is about getting ideas from somewhere and changing them into reality. Being a web graphic designer, I know that it becomes are real pain in the neck sometimes to find a particular font. Often my clients send me images to edit them and they want me to keep the same font in it. It was never easy to find a particular font but now, with the help of WhaTheFont app for iPhone, I can simply take the photo of the image that contains that particular font and WhatTheFont, finds that app on the internet. It simply means that within seconds, you will have the font that you are looking for and then you can use that font in your next design. Often, I had to keep a design on hold just because I could find a particular font but that is not the case anymore.

WhatTheFont iphone designer app

4.       FTP On The Go

The app that I’m going to introduce now is not for designers but for developers. However, even designers need to use this app at times as well. If we talk about one of the most popular business apps that are available on App Store at the moment then FTP On The Go must be placed among top contenders. The app is very helpful in so many cases like you can use this app to add a file on your FTP server while you are traveling. There may be a file that you need to edit on your FTP server but you are nowhere near your computer then this app can be used to edit the file easily. There are two things that I really like about this app. One if the user interfaces it offers and secondly, you can see the results in the same window. There is no need to leave the app and open your website or FTP folder in a browser because the built in browser of this app will give you detailed information about the output as well.

FTP iphone app


5.       ZeptoPad

A web or graphic designer keeps getting different ideas in his mind and if you will not save draw those ideas somewhere then you will definitely forget about those ideas eventually. We all know that the time has gone when you could keep a notepad and a pen with you all the time because these things are old fashioned. However, ZeptopPad is such an app that you can install in your iPhone with the help of which you can draw vector images. As soon as you get an idea in your mind, grab your iPhone, open the app and draw the image so you can work on it later when you get free.

ZeptoPad iphone app


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