Top 5 Interesting Mobile Apps for Students

by Ehsan on November 26, 2012


The mobile companies, now-a-days are more concerned of the apps that are meant only for the students. Every now
and then different interesting apps are being developed and updated from which the students are benefited.

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Students:

Evernote: Note-taking having a revolution

Evernote is a web sync and mobile friendly, note-taking media-rich machine. Evernote has the ability of adding
photos, voice, tags, locations and even handwritten “ink” note, together with the option of sharing them with friends.
Evernote supports many Operating System platforms like Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS, Android iOS, WebOS,
Mac OS X, and Windows Phone, and offers online synchronization with backup services. The Evernote trunk is filled
with different valuable and important tool is helping students to excel in their classroom.

Wikipanion: no need of a textbook.

Textbooks are becoming less and less interesting to the students. Wikipanion is Wikipedia’s brain child. Open source
content regarding any imaginable topic can be accessed by any student. It is becoming an essential tool regarding
any class. The vast knowledge of every subject has been incorporated in these apps. The app supports iPhone

Kindle: No need to buy textbooks

The Amazon’s Kindle has over 6,000 textbooks that are available for mobile, tablets and the web. It enables users
to read, browse, download and shop for newspapers, e-books, blogs, magazines and other wireless networking and
digital media. With the release of Google Android application, versions for Apple’s iPad, the iPhone, blackberry cell
phones and also Mac computers are also available. Amazon’s Kindle saves about $60 on an average purchase of
textbook. With this type of discount on every textbook required in one semester makes purchasing affordable and
thus purchasing books from shops is becoming more expensive.

My Homework: Planning the schedule digitally

The My Homework app keeps a track of all the homework, projects, classes and tests and also color coding them.
This app also notifies the student when they are having upcoming and late assignments together with numbering the
assignments on the application icon. It supports the Apple’s iPhone platform. Thus no need of having a paper planner
which consumes unnecessary time, thus utilizing them for some constructive works.

Cliqset: making the stream more compact

This app follows the streams on Twitter, Facebook and Buzz with 70 other social networking sites in one place. Thus
the students can share, discover and discover on their mobile which they carry everywhere all the time. The app
simplifies the lives of the students and the professors can keep them engaged. It supports the iPhone platform.

The wrap up

According to the modern day panelists, the different apps are bringing revolution in education. The students who use
the Smartphones to read e-books or tweet about the class become more potentially engaged. The students can be in
touch with their friends and family by the different social networking apps present in mobile phones. All the important
documents, study materials can be kept in a sequential manner, thus saving time and the students can use that time
to do something constructive.

About the author: Diana is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. Beside this
she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day Rolls-Royce Ghost.


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