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Free iPhone Health and Fitness Apps can be a good tool for providing assistance in keeping your weight loss managed. It helps you to work on your fitness, and have a healthy and balanced diet. It is possible but only if you have the right apps. We have been looking out for thousand of apps to provide you with some good ones on the platform of an Apple store . The apps that will keep you fit and shining like a new penny. Without health there is absolutely nothing that can keep you going. So, the apps to get you motivated are here on your phone just a click away to keep you updated as well as healthy and fit. Here i would also like to recommend top 10 best free iPhone apps for women’s.

List of Top 5 Free iPhone Health and Fitness App:

Checkout the list of 5 best Free iPhone Health and Fitness Apps and chose those which appeals you most.

1) Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and an exercise tracker.

calorie counter diet tracker iphone app

The app consists of an enormous catalog of food items, meals and recipes. It has the day to day fitness tracking functionality. It allows to enter decimal places in weight. Also the app has an inclusive barcode scanner for finding out the packaged food nutritional information that plays an important role in the balanced diet. The best part is that most of the features can work without some internet connectivity plus it is dead simple to use.

Price: Free

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2) Lose It! By FitNow

Top 5 iPhone Health and Fitness App

Life is too busy to maintain a schedule for loosing some pounds and revising it at different times during the day . Life is already too complicated and twisted. So, Lose it! Is the app that provides you with the healthier choices by grasping it in your hand. All we need to do is to set up a revised personalized losing weight plan and connect it to the latest apps, which might contain a balanced diet app or an exercising app, and start losing weight.

Price: Free

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3) Weight Watchers Mobile

weight-watchers-mobile iphone app

Weight Watchers is an app that keeps track of the food, current weight and the plans related to maintaining the health as an easy reminder. It is everywhere with you, restaurants or market places. In the weight watchers barcode you can easily track the food that you are going to buy with just one click and analyze it right on the spot. You can gain access to thousand kinds of recipe ideas that’s even a better way to keep an eye on your weight and not let it cross the mark.

By Weight Watchers International, Inc.

Price: Free

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4) WebMD

webmd iphone app weigh loss app

Using the WebMD app , It is now easier and smoother to gain the access in the trusted health and fitness information from any website. WebMd is by far the most popular app in use in offering the health based knowledge on a whole lot of health issues and other aspects. Also WebMD has made it easier and preferable for its users to read articles and have the best answers! That’s not the end of it the app provides you with the hazard of medical tools warnings as well.

Price: Free

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5) Nike+ Running

nike running fitness iphone app

The Nike +IPod app required some special kind of Nike shoes, a sensor device and your Apple device in helping maintain the stats while running. This is a pretty cool way to go around running. Nike’s new app now that is Nike+ Running takes out the shoes from the apps requirements, and lets you run with your iPhone alone and still benefiting you from the main features implemented.

Price: Free

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I hope so above mentioned top 5 free iPhone health and fitness apps really helps you. If you are conscious about managing your diet plan, then don’t forget to checkout these 5 best iPhone apps which helps you to manage your diet. Stay tuned for more useful and interesting apps.

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