Top 5 Best iPhone Games

by Ehsan on March 2, 2012


iPhone is a complete entertainment package along with all the informational and utility service requirements combined into one single device. It is not fair if you get bored with this device as there is always something that you can do to entertain yourself. Mobile games have always been great entertainers for mobile phone users. Mentioned below are top 5 games for iPhone users that can keep them entertained and involved for hours.

  1. Plants VS ZombiesPlants versus zombies is definitely the deserving candidate for the number one position in this list. It is unarguably the best game available in the app store. The game is available for approx $3, which may sound a little expensive now but is definitely worth the game. The player has to defend its individual lane with the help of various plants from zombies who keep on attacking and try to eat your brains. There are more than 50 different types of plants and many kinds of zombies in the game. Further, once you complete the game there are many more addictive versions of the game.
  2. Tiny Wings: This is another great game that is really very simple and yet addictive to users. The tiny wings are a one touch game where the player has to control a bird over various different hills and terrains. The race starts with the sun rising up, i.e. dawn, and ends up with the nightfall as the bird sleeps as soon as the night comes. For only $0.99 it is a very fair deal.
  3. ZombieVilleIt is one of the most popular iPhone games where the player has to make his character’s way through an area filled with zombies. Players get hold of various different weapons during the whole campaign and they can also upgrade them as they go along the levels. This game can keep you involved for hours and for $0.99 it is really affordable.
  4. Army of Darkness DefenseRemember the classic horror movies “Evil Dead”. If you liked watching them then you are definitely going to love this game too. The game is based upon the third movie of the series and you get to play the all time favorite chainsaw-armed hero Ash Williams. The game is really interesting and one of the few movie tie-in games that have actually gained a lot of popularity. Moreover, the game is available for free therefore no harm in downloading it and trying it out.
  5. Heroes Vs MonstersThis is one of the best role playing games available for iPhone users. The game centers around four main characters which the user can choose. You are required to fight various different monsters and their bosses that come as you move forward in the game. The best part is that it is available for free.

Mobile apps development and iPhone game development has now become a major section for almost every reputed software development company. With more and more companies getting interested in iPhone apps development, we can expect some more cool games coming on the app store soon.

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Pri Vag March 2, 2012 at 5:13 PM

Another great game is 60 Seconds Football – It’s a throwback to the good old days of headers and volleys, loving this game!!


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