Top 5 Best Free Music Player iPhone Apps

by Ehsan on March 13, 2013


People of any age can now easily use an iPhone. Everyone desires to have this Apple device. Apple has introduced an amazing device along with a lot of different apps and practical uses. Music is the only thing which every age of people enjoys. Each person has its own taste. Some people enjoy soft music whereas some people like fast and rock music. The iPhone has now introduced amazing apps through which you can free download your favorite songs. There are hundreds of different apps that provide free music players. I am going to introduce the five best free music player apps by iPhone. You will feel lucky by having these apps on your phone.

List of Top 5 Best Free Music Player iPhone Apps:

Checkout the list of most popular top five most popular music player and music learning apps.

iDrum :

A portable drum instrument is given to musician by means of this app. You can select your favorite music mode as this app provides you a bundle of various editions. For example rock, jazz, hip-hop, classical, club and many more. This app is especially for musicians and can buy at just $4.99

idrum-club-edition iphone app


Some people have craze to play guitar. In order to fulfil their wish iPhone has introduced an amazing app specially for beginners they can learn guitar through this app. You must have this app in your phones. Every guitarist can have this iPhone app at just $9.99. This app is not much expensive. Without having guitar you can enjoy every type of tools that are used by guitarists.

GuitarToolkit iphone app


Vocoder Synthesizer SV 5:

The vocoder is a device that can make a human voice like a robot. This application provides musicians an influential synthesizer. Microphone for iPhone can be used in order to play this app through which that vocoder will just work for iPhone users.

Vocoder Synthesizer SV 5 iphone app



It  is an amazing application introduced by the iPhone that can be used as a helpful tool for many musicians. Two playable octave piano keyboard, a bass and a guitar are some basic features of this Band app.

Band iphone app

Karajan :

This app is basically for real musicians. For iPhone Karajan is a very helpful application. They can practice ear training. Ear training is a practice that is a very valuable skill that requires a lot of time. And you can easily do this practice via Karajan iPhone app.

Karajan ipohne music app

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