Top 5 Best Free Apps for Windows Phone


Your Windows phone can be made cooler – without spending a dime – if you make use of the top 5 best free apps for Windows phone models.

1. Foursquare for Windows Phone:

Where are you right now? Would you like people to know that you’re currently partying in Ibiza, having a romantic date in Venice, or an adventure in the Amazon? That’s basically what the Foursquare app does for you. Of all the free apps for Windows phone models that allows you to check in instantly, Foursquare is considered as the one with the best user-friendly features.

Free download Foursquare.

2. Gmaps for Windows Phone:

Who needs GPS when you have gMaps? Considered by Microsoft itself as one of the best apps for Windows phone models, gMaps is also something you can download for free. The latest version even comes with improved function for searching locations and the best routes to take to reach your destination.  If you’re in the mood for an adventure, you can also use the app to find a place for you to visit randomly. Just select a spot on the map and click the “What is here” button. Besides the link above, this app can also be easily downloaded from the Zune marketplace.  You will have to install Zune software in your PC first but after that, downloading free apps for Windows phone models will be a breeze.

Free download gMaps.

3. Wordament for Windows Phone:

Are you looking for apps for Windows phone models that will test your ability to search for words? If so, Wordament is what you need. This game is also considered one of the best apps for Windows phone models by Microsoft, and if you have a hard time using the link above, you can also download it from the Zune marketplace.

Playing this game is incredibly easy and fun, but winning it may be a tougher challenge. All you have to do is find words as quickly as you can, but be warned: other people online are racing against you as well. Leaderboards have been recently added to allow players to keep tabs.

Free download Wordament.

4. Pandas vs. Ninjas for Windows Phone:

Have you been feeling bad because Angry Birds isn’t one of the free apps for Window phone models? Well, you didn’t really expect the wildly popular game to be free for one OS and paid on another, did you?

But there’s no longer any need to feel bad because there’s a great alternative available on Windows platforms. Pandas vs Ninjas is a hugely entertaining game that has an extremely similar strategy to how Angry Birds is played. The graphics are amazing, too, which is why many also consider this as one of their top 5 best free apps for Windows phone models.

You can free download Pandas vs. Ninjas.

5. Chain Reaction for Windows Phone:

Rounding up the list is the free and ever-popular Chain Reaction, a traditional but incredibly addictive match-3 game. It’s perfect for all ages and especially for kids, since the gameplay can improve their strategic skills. Recent updates have included the option to post scores on Twitter and the creation of forty “insane” levels.

Free download Chain Reaction.


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