Top 5 Best Free Apps for Blackberry


In the past, Blackberry models have been the preferred phone brand of all businessmen. But thanks to the creation of smartphones, Blackberry is no longer the only phone that’s able to work like a virtual assistant. And with the entry of the iPhone and Android-based phones that has lots of fun game applications to offer, Blackberry also has to improve their game selection list to – ironically enough – stay in the game. And without further ado, here are the top 5 best free apps for Blackberry in case you’re thinking of making a switch.

list of to 5 best free apps for Blackberry:

1. Beetagg App For BlackBerry:

It’s not a game or a utility app. It can’t even be considered an app for productivity. But what it is an app deserving to be in the top 5 best free apps for Blackberry because of its extremely cool features.

best free apps for BlackberryTo make BeeTagg work, all you have to do is use the camera of your Blackberry and focus it on bar codes. This application equips your phone with a 2D barcode scanner. Once you’ve the barcode scanned, the application will immediately provide you details about the item, such as product description, website links to know more about the product or purchase it online, and all other pertinent data. How fun – and informative – shopping can be with this app!

Free download Beetagg Blackberry App.

2. Google Mobile App For Blackberry:

If your phone doesn’t have Google Mobile yet, then you definitely need to click on the link below. Google Mobile is considered one of the best apps for Blackberry because it allows you to enjoy the entire suite of Google mobile programs with just a single application. Think Google Maps, Gmail, GTalk, and a lot more! Best of all, it’s also one of the free apps for Blackberry that you can enjoy!

Free download Google Mobile Blackberry App.

3. Stock Viewer BlackBerry App:

Just because Blackberry’s trying to compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab doesn’t mean it’s forgotten its roots. That’s why there are still apps for Blackberry like the Stock Viewer.

Stock Viewer allows users to consistently retrieve the latest stock quotes, ensuring they’re updated about stock market trends and able to respond or take action right away when needed. The application also allows you to view the most crucial and latest headlines that affect the stock market.

Keep in mind, however, that this particular application can’t be used for all types of Blackberry models.

Free download Stock Viewer Blackberry App.

4. Ka-Glom Blackberry App:

If you have children using your phone, then what you’re probably interested in are free apps for Blackberry. If so, consider downloading Ka-Glom, which plays just like the famous Tetris but only it has children-friendly graphics and with cubes and other shapes exploding when you complete rows of blocks. It’s considered as one of the top apps for Blackberry due to its extremely addictive gameplay.

Free download Ka-Glom Blackberry App.

5. Twitterberry App for Blackberry:

Considering how Twitter and Blackberry shares so many similar features, it surely wouldn’t come as a surprise that an application like TwitterBerry would be considered as one of the best apps for Blackberry. It allows you to mark your favorite tweets, post tweets in an instant together with photos and access different Twitter features or buttons with a click.

Free download Twitterberry App.


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