5 Best Free Apps For Android Rooted Devices


People root their Android devices breaks the barriers of installing non Market app, but finding top best apps for your devices is hassle. So today find some top 5 best free apps for Android rooted devices that you must have. It’s also for those people who say rooting Android phone is not as powerful as compared to iOS jailbreak, so today we also prove that them wrong.

The list of top 5 best free apps for Android rooted devices boost up the performance of Android. Pimp your Android with these top 5 best free apps and see how useful your Android phone.

Top 5 Best Free Apps for Android Rooted Devices:

1. ROM Manager:

If you decide to install new custom ROM on your Android rooted device or thinking to install new ROM on your device in future, in both case you need ROM Manager to easily install new custom ROM on your Android phone. ROM Manager allow you to flash any zip file to your phone, whether it is a kernel, ROM, App and radio image. ROM Manager can all do this through Koushik Dutta’s ClockworkMod Recovery. When you select the any ROM or flash zip file, ROM Manager automatically reboot your phone and flash the selected files through ClockworkMod Recovery.

One of the most best fewature of Android ROM Maneger is that it has ability to take nandroid backup, through Clockwork Recovery Mod, you can aslo create fully system image. Infect ROM Manager is one of the top best application in the list thath why its in the top of list.

You can free download ROM Manger for Android Rooted Devices by scanning below QR Code.

However, we also recommend you to buy pro version of ROM Manger with to get more features. Totanium Backup Pro Key is available at Android Market.

2. Titanium Backup

The fear of losing your device data is always there, it doesn’t matter which device you have. But if you have Android rooted device with Titanium Backup application, don’t be fear. You Android device data is in save hands. Titanium Backup is powerful backup utility which save, restore your apps, app data, Market links and system files on your SD card.

You can free download Titanium Backup App for your rooted Android deices by scanning below QR code.

However, Pro version of Titanium Backup is also available in the Market with more features.

3. ScreenShot ER App:

ScreebShot ER app is anoher one of the top best app for Andriod rooted devices, which take screenshot of your Android device screen. Its first full flag and easy to use app which take screenshots with just one click. The app is developed by onre of the XDA senior member and Android developer. He also claim that it is first app which exclusivel capture screen. ScreenShot ER app is tested with various Android devices including Atrix, XOOM and those running Honeycomb. You can free download ScreeShot ER .Apk file from your prevuious post here.

4. Quick Boot:

Quick Boot is one of the simple applicatio booting application in the list but its still very useful. Quick boot have 3 main features: it allow you reboot your Android device, Recovery boot and bootloader boot with just a single tap. Quick boot gives me easiest way to access reboot, recovery boot and bootloader.

You can free download Quick Boot app by scanning belwos QR code.

5. Astro File Manager:

To mange your files on your Android device with out the help of computer is not possible if you don’t have Astro File Manager. Astro File Manager allow you to manage files on your phone without the need for a computer.  By using file manger you can copy, paste, move, delete, create folders etc. Astro file manager gives you direct access to phone SD card so that you can easily install .apk files. You can also install application and games to your device without WiFi or GPRS surfing. There are many file manager are available in the market but i would recommend you one of the best ASTRO file manger. I m also using ASTRO file manger on my Android phone and its working fine and stable.

Android Rooted Devices

You can free download Astro File Manager . Apk file from here.

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