Top 5 Android Apps for Designers and Developers


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Being a web designer or developer, you always need to be surrounded with such tools that can help you come up with new ideas and keep an eye on the performance of your previous projects as well. Usually, all the designers and developers use a computer to design new images, logos and websites but if you could have some apps for the same purpose in your smartphone that would be really great. One thing that I hate about smartphones is their battery timing. Though, with the passage of time, these smartphones have become really advanced and of course, they can perform great functions and that is the main reason why they are called smartphones right? Well, apart from the battery timing issue, you can use a smartphone for designing and development purpose as well. If you are wondering how you can use your smartphone for that purpose then don’t worry at all, I’m getting to that point shortly. Just like you install different programs and tools in your computer for designing and development purpose, apps can be installed in smartphones. If you own an Android smartphone then you will find top 5 android apps reviewed below that you can install in your smartphone and give a new life to your designing and development career. Many of you may not agree with the ranking below but keep in mind that I have ranked these apps based on my personal experience and needs. Most of my friends who are in designing and development industry, also consider these apps really helpful too.

List of Top 5 Android Apps for Designers and Developers:

1.     AndFTP

Being a developer, you always need to have access to the FTP account of your server. If there is any change that you want to make into your website like adding or removing a file, uploading a new page or changing the template then you will need to have access to the website server. We all know that with the help of computer, you can access your FTP account very easily. In most of the case, you can easily change your website information by logging into your cPanel but if you are on the go then you will need a portable solution for this purpose. AndFTP is such an app that you can install in your Android Smartphone and access your web server whenever you want. This app supports, SFTP, FTP and FTPS. All those things that an FTP client should be able to do can be done with the help of AndFTP. I’m sure that once you will use this app, you will start loving it because it makes your life really easier. The time since I have started using this app, I have never got into any trouble about making some changes to my website.

AndFTP andorid ftp app

2.       Google Analytics for Android

I don’t think that I need to talk about the importance of this tool because if you are a web designer/ developers then you know it very well that it is really important to keep an eye on the performance of your website. Just designing and publishing a website/ blog is not enough. You have to track the performance of that website in order to make sure that your efforts to bring traffic towards your website are paying off or not. Just a year ago, there was no good app on Google Play Store to track the statistical information of a website and then Google finally launched the mobile app for its Analytics website. I have been using this app since last 6 months now and I have fallen completely in love with its performance. I would suggest you to use this app for tracking the performance of your website as well.

Google Analytics for Android

3.       ColorSnap

The app that I’m going to review now is very helpful for designers. Being a designer, I understand that it become really difficult at times to find a particular color and it can cause a lot of delay in your work as well. Many times, you see a color in an image but you don’t know the code for that color so you go ahead and start finding the same color in the color library of your smartphone. Well, if you are on a computer then finding a color is not that difficult because there are different tools that can help you do that. However, if you are using Android smartphone then you can download and install ColorSnap app because it is very helpful in finding any color for designing purpose. If you see any color on the internet that you would like to use in your next design then by using the app, you can add the same color in your library easily.

4.       Color Pal

A designer is always on the quest to find new and interesting colors that can be used in designing a logo, broacher, visiting card or a website. However, if you are trying to design something on your smartphone then finding colors can be a little difficult. Only thing that can save you from trouble is the saved palettes of colors in your library. In case, if the color that you want to use is not in your library then you will have to search for it. With the help of Color Pal, you can easily find any color from and add those colors into your library. Not only that, you can also email those colors to your friends so they can also use the same colors in their upcoming designs as well.

color pal android app

5.       HTML Colors – Quick Reference

In designing and especially in development, you have to deal with the HTML codes of colors. For example, you are designing a new web page and you want to give a certain color scheme to a particular part of the page then you will need to use HTML color codes. With the help of HTML Colors – Quick Reference app, you can easily find the HTML code for any color and use it while designing the web page. This app will save you a lot of time.

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