Top 4 Dictionary Apps for Android

by Guest Author on February 28, 2012


1. is a website that has earned the trust and confidence of several thousands of users worldwide. This has enabled an easier understanding of words and their meanings at all times without carrying a thick book with you always. Now this is also available on your Android phone within an application. you can conveniently refer to a wide variety of word meanings and their usage with the easy and quick access of this app. Get hold of an incredibly huge collection of word meanings and their uses in English grammar within an absolutely free application. There are as many as 375,000 words and their meanings available.

2. Oxford A-Z of English Usage

It is important that you are aware of the aspects of English grammar and its varied usage at different points of time. This also includes accurate pronunciation and understanding the meanings of the words. There are words like ‘principal’ and ‘principle’ both of which are pronounced in the same way but have separate spellings along with meanings and usage. Another interesting word would be ‘desert’ and ‘dessert’; both of these are almost the same in both spellings and pronunciation but there is an intrinsic difference which is important to learn. This is now conveniently available with an application for your Android phone with which you can learn better English and its application.

3. Dictionary

With so much to read and understand on your Android phone and Tablet PC it is imperative that you have an easily accessible dictionary. Dictionary is one of the most useful and effective applications available for your phone and absolutely for free. It is supported in more than 11 popular languages and covers a wide variety of subjects within it like law, medicinal science and finance among many others. There are several English dictionaries within this app like Thesaurus and encyclopedias. You can also initiate an advanced search for words and see their meanings, definitions and usage with a single click. Also check the different pronunciations of each word for better understanding.

4. Offline Dictionaries

There are times when you need to refer to dictionaries pretty often. However for this either you need a constant internet connectivity or carry a bulky book with you. Now you can avail a free application on your Android phone that gives you access to offline dictionaries. This can be accessed even when there is no internet connectivity possible or when you are traveling by air or railways which is usually out of the range of mobile phone coverage areas. This application is available for a free download and can be stored within your SD card. You can select a relevant dictionary at different times of need. The dictionaries are supported in more than 40 different languages of the world.

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looking for free dictionary for android phone.


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