Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2012 in U.S Nielsen Report:


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Nelsen, one of the renowned global leader in measurement and information sharing institution has released its annual report of “Top of 2012” digital trends. In this report it highlights the top 10 digital trends of the year which includes Top U.S smartphone operating system by market share, top 10 iPhone Apps of 2012, top 10 Android Apps of 2012, Top 10 U.S web brands of 2012 and top 10 U.S online destinations for video of 2012.

In this report we provide details about top 10 iPhone Apps of 2012.

Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2012:

Below is the list of top 10 iPhone apps of 2012.

1.   Google Maps:

According to Nielsen report, Google Maps is one of the most popular iPhone app of 2012. It has almost 3.2 Million unique users at the same time it bit surprising that Google Maps is also one of the apps in Apple store. It reinforce the nation of mapping to understanding that mapping is the most critical part of modern day because its usage has been increase in smartphone. People always use Google Maps and GPS whenever they travel.


2.   Facebook:

Facebook is the 2nd most popular iPhone apps in 2012. According to Wikipedia stats, Facebook active users reached to 1 Billion/Month. Out of 1 Billion monthly users 60% are mobile users that is 600 Million/Month. Due to this rapid increase in its users, its mobile phone apps reached the 2nd position in 2012. According to Nielsen, there are almost 2.8 Million iPhone users who are using Facebook iPhone app and it increase by 51%.

3.   YouTube:

YouTube is the 3rd most popular in iPhone app in 2012.  According to Nielsen report it has almost 2.2 Million average unique users but due to some reasons its YTD reduce by -4%.

Top U.S Smartphone Operating System Market Share:

Nielsen also released smartphone market share in United States of America. In the 3rd Quarter of 2012 Android is one of the most popular operating system in U.S and it holds more than half of the market share that is 52%. Apple iOS is the 2nd most used operating system in the United States of America and its market share is about 35%. Blackberry still holds 7% of market share and Windows Phone has 2% market share.

Source: Nielsen


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