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Funny iPhone App:

Today iPhone is among the most popular smartphone devices found across the world. This incredible innovation by the company Apple has changed the way people communicate and entertain. Apple often comes up with advance version of iPhone by enhancing and improving these devices with the growing technology. The Apple appstore caters you more than 200,000 applications which can be classified into different sections and headings, every app comes with some specific use and purpose.

The various types of apps found in iPhone can have a broad classification as per design, development, productivity, entertainment, accessories, finance, music, lifestyle and photography. So with so many categories, let’s talk about some of the funniest applications found in the Apple appstore of iPhone. The following top 10 funny iPhone apps are perfect stuff to make you laugh and enjoy. Let’s have a look at these:

List of Top 10 iPhone Funny App:

1) FML

FML is a known popular site which now has come up with a funny application for iPhone. Do you like to laugh at someone’s misery? It may sound pretty evil thing doing so, however, it can give you lots of fun while reading something humorous occurred in other people’s life. The website is primarily a collection of stories which people often post when they come across something funny and crazy thing happening in their life.

This application gives you an opportunity to access FML which allows you to read a number of latest funny incidences which people often post.

2) Funny Call

A free application developed by a group call Gridmob. This app allows you to give some incredible prank calls to your friends and foes. Funny call helps you in fooling your irritating ex girl friend with some harsh prank call. The application produces a number of effects including creepy, alien, chipmunk, echo and many more such stuffs.

These things help you in creating some good practical joke on anyone whom you choose to abuse. So next time your friend is boring you, try Funny call to bug him at night with a prank call.

3) Aging Booth

Do you want to see how you and your friend look like after reaching at 50 years of age? If yes, then this application can be called the most appropriate one for you. The Aging booth allows you to figure out how you and your friends would look like when you turn old, right from seeing the white hair with wrinkles on your face. In fact you can even think of sharing it over your favorite social media platform like Facebook or Twitter and let your friends laugh and have good time.

4) Talking Tom Cat

This is considered to be the most popular application developed by a company called Outfit7 Ltd. If you live with a young heart then you cannot afford to stay away from application. Though it may sound lame and naïve kind of thing for serious kind of people, however, it still manages to be among the popular list of funny applications.

It’s a free app where you will find a cat known as Tom keeps on repeating anything and everything which you say and utter. Hence you can therefore rap, shout, sing and even can have a solo conversation with the cat. With this application, you can take your immaturity thing to a new hilarious level by uttering rude words to the cat that has no option but to repeat what you say.

5) iFart

It is among the weird kinds of applications created to have ultimate fun. This is the reason why you will find iFart getting so much popularity. You will find a wide range of gas releasing noises options available for you to choose to make people laugh anytime. Though it may sound lame to few but it can be interesting and amusing for many. So try out any fart sound to make any volatile conversation funny and light.

6) Voices

This application is another funny thing meant for iPhone users which helps you record and transform sound or audio. You will find eight different voice distortion choices which allow you to play different funny type of voices along with various types of voices uttering a number of words. You can also share these voices at places like Facebook or Twitter to let your friends hear these sounds and laugh.

7) Texts from last night

This application is somewhere like FML with the only difference, here you get to see text messages coming from your friends who are drunk. This is certainly a funny thing as the messages getting from such friends would always appear to be weird and funny. This application comes at 0.99 dollars.

8) iBeer

This application is seriously very funny for anyone and everyone with their favorite beverage. It helps you fill your iPhone screen with any beverage including beer, milk, juice or cola and as you tilt your iPhone you will see liquid pouring out.

9) Stachetastic

If you want to see yourself with different style faces try this application. It helps you to customize your face with more than 40 different kinds of styles which helps you modify the way you appear. It is a must have application for fun loving people.

10) The Onion

This application is like a newspaper which gives you different kinds of news full with sarcasm, satire and wit. It renders you a couple of funny articles with lots of sarcasm and humor and helps you enjoy reading funny stuffs.

If you have iPhone, make sure you include these top ten funny iPhone apps in your device without fail as discussed above in the article. These give you enough reasons to laugh and smile whenever you find yourself low or sad. Indeed, these apps will help you in making your life light and healthy. So have fun with these apps.

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